Friday 18/11/16

Friday 18th November , 2016.

Mercury is in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces.

The Moon is in Cancer.

Sun in Scorpio.

Mercury is in Sagittarius and is squaring Neptune in Pisces today. The  Moon in Cancer trines the Sun in Scorpio.  This will be a similar day as yesterday  in term of you  question your direction.. what am I doing? where am I going? how can i help?

Today has the potential to solidify and intensify love and romantic situations. This is really good news for all you love birds out there, especially if things haven’t been so harmonious. So today go on a date, hold hands , snuggle and watch a movie surprise your loved one with something romantic or something they really enjoy… just tell each other how much you love them and appreciate them. It’s a great time to take relationships up to the next level.

The Moon represents our emotional nature and our greatest needs, and when it is situated in sensitive Cancer ( who’s ruling planet is the Moon)  it is important to nurture our own needs, self-care is very important.

The affectionate Cancer Moon forms a magical trine aspect to the Sun in Scorpio. This allows us to bring our guard down and freely explore relationships. Both the light and dark side can be positively expressed today so either explore your naughty sexy side or serve up some loving tender, nurturing qualities to the ones you love.

Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. We can be left feeling confused and even baffled with yourself and others. This is due to these planets squaring, this brings tension between our rational, intellect and logical mind and our irrational, intuitive self. Some may struggle with your own thoughts and find it difficult to have logical and simple conversations with others. Today just try to pay attention to what is true, look at the facts, double-check information and be aware of what is simply imagination or illusion.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Full Moon Ritual

Full moon Ritual

As the full moon is upon us, it’s time to reflect and release those things that no longer serve us. Let go of what you no longer need in your life or any aspect of yourself that you may have outgrown. The moon, being the closest astronomical mass to Earth, has a profound effect on us. When the moon is full, it is at its high tide of power, amplifying energies. The moon traditionally represents the emotional, nurturing, creative and feminine aspect of our lives. When the energy is intense and as powerful as this, it enables you to take action, have you ever felt a pull or an urge leading up to the full moon? Many people feel this intensifying energy, it is a sign that you may need to release energies that no longer serve you, and you can do this by performing a Full moon ritual.

The full moon period is a great time to take action towards your new moon intentions you made two weeks prior and is a great opportunity for some self-reflection. The full moon can shed some light on what could be holding you back and what needs to be released that’s standing in your way .

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke the intention of releasing and Letting go. You can purge yourself of any old identities, frame of mind, attitudes, behavior and situations. You may wish to take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, clean out your possessions. Remember, you can release anything emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.  Release any addictions such as food or drama, emotional vampires,  unhappiness in your job , relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships.

You can also seek guidance from your spirit guides or angels to help highlight what is ready to be shed from your life. Tools to help you connect with your guides include oracle cards, journaling and automatic writing, or mediation. Trust the guidance that comes to you, your gut instincts are usually right.

Write down all the things you wish to release and give thanks for what it’s already served. After writing them down you can visualise them being released and healed, do this by performing your ritual sitting under the moon or at a window with the moon shining down.

 What you need

Pen, paper, lighter, candle, small bowls (if you intend on burning your notes) , water, sage and other personal objects such as crystals.

  1. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet, clutter free place to sit, place crystals or other special tokens around you.
  2. Clear your energy. Burn sage and clear your energy space, or you can imagine standing under a silver or bright white waterfall of pure light and allow all negative and lower energies to be cleared away.
  3. Light the candle, Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write on the piece of paper what you wish to release from your life
  4. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.
  5. Go into your heart space/chakra and declare “I now let this go. I ask you angels to please take this list for healing and transmutation, and I thank you, Amen.” Then place the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page, you then place it in the bowl and watch as the flames consume and release your request to the universe for healing.
  6. Use your intuition to guide you. You may just want to sit under the moon and read your list aloud, or with a lit candle and not burn your page. You may want to meditate on what to let go of. Just the intention of releasing and letting go can work.

Just remember… our words have power. Saying – “Be Gone” audibly and loudly can be very freeing. Thank the spirits and angels. Be safe and don’t forget to have some fun.


Written by Andy Jackman x




Friday 28/10/16

Friday 28th October, 2016

Balsamic Moon in Libra

Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries

Mercury clashes with Chiron

There is potential to have fun today! Jupiter is in Libra, it conjunct the Moon in Libra and sextites Venus in Sagittarius. Very road trip, get out and see the world, adventurous energy! Plan a day out, book a dinner party, organise a catch up with friends or cook your partner a picnic and take them somewhere different? perhaps a dinner date under the stars?

The Balsamic Moon is in Libra all day!! If things have been feeling off within your self and the world around you today is a great day to re balance and  find harmony! We have the ability to balance our personal desires with those of another and be very diplomatic.

Mercury challenges Chiron today which leaves communications being relayed in ways we may not of intended! Words expressed may hit a nerve and can cause conflicting viewpoints and tensions. Today some can find they become impatient with rules and others will have feelings of guilty and worry with no actual source of the reason why.

Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries.This is a powerful energy and we want to use it wisely .Under this influence, we can be tempted to take risks or to act on sudden impulses without considering consequences. Mars in Capricorn like stability, hard work and structure whilst Uranus is all about change, likes to rebel and upheaval. We might feel rebellious in the face of rules and regulations. Tension is created as our will clashes with our inner self-expression that likes to rebel, we could feel the need to break free, crave independence and be impulsive.


With the New Moon just around the corner have you started to have a think about your New Moon wishes?

Have a great day and a great weekend

Andy Jackman xx

Tuesday 25/10/16


Tuesday 24th October, 2016

Moon in Virgo

Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces

The Moon goes into practical Virgo today! The Moon than sextiles Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio. It than squares Venus in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces. Virgo is very critical and this sharp way of communicating becomes even harsher today. Virgo is very good at identifying the problems and weakness in others , its energy provides us crystal clear, laser beam focus and combined with this intense period we are in, some of you may be very direct and clear when it comes to what you say, so be careful and aware of that! If there is a potential for an argument than its going to happen under this influence! On the lighter side..this laser beam and critical focus is good if you need to do a spring clean in your life! De cluttering and getting rid of the junk to make way for the good stuff, use this energy to sort out your paper work, your home, anything that you feel is disorganized. . The dark energy in the air can be great for culling things that don’t serve a purpose in our life!

Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces . This leaves us dreaming of the ideal romantic situations. It cast a veil over our needs, perceptions and wants. This aspect leaves us feeling mystical, romantic and over idealistic. These planets squaring has the potential for us to wear rose-coloured glasses and our reality of what we want to see versus what is actually going on clashes. Today make an effort to separate fact from fiction so we do not end us disappointing our self and others in the process.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx




Thursday 20/10/16

Thursday 20th October, 2016.

Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aires early.

Moon moves into Cancer.

Jupiter in Libra and quincunx Venus in Sagittarius.

Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aires early today. Today we can expect our communications to be a little.. well rebellious. As the lower mind and our higher mind battle it out to seek and validate truth’s. Communication can be  confrontational and disagreements are entirely possible today. Mercury opposing Uranus on the positive side makes for a great day for opening up the mind, it allows us the insight and inspiration to see things from different perspective. With all this friction in regards to communication in the air today be careful you don’t let your words get away with you !

The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until it enters lovely  Cancer this afternoon. This shifts the energy from mental stimulation and restlessness to the need for quit and cosy nurturing surroundings. We will focus on love and romance! The Moon squares Jupiter in Libra and quincunx Venus in Sagittarius. These aspects are responsible for the playful silliness in the air! Today spoil yourself, or a partner,or cook for someone special. Be romantic and if you feel the need to be flirtatious than do it own your sensual power..

Today go with the flow, keep on your toes as lightly as you can, as the energy is very undecided. We have experienced such a dynamic shift in energy this week some may find it hard to keep!

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Wednesday 18/10/16

Wednesday 18th October, 2016.

Mars in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.

Mercury in Libra quincunxes Chiron in Pisces.

The Gemini Moon trines Mercury in Libra.

Good Morning.. Well today we see a huge comic event happening, Mars in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. This powerful aspect is the only time it will happen all year ( As it happens approximately once every two years). Mars is the solider, the War God, it’s about desire and is the archetype of male energy. Capricorn which is all about grounded work energy ,its hardcore, it’s all about getting things done. So Mars the Male warrior likes this Capricorn energy..  it’s an alive and driven energy . Strength and firm! We can experience strong desires to take action today! However… This energy has the potential to make us compulsive and lock into power struggles with others. Our anger could heat up without warning and can drive our actions in the wrong direction. We have the tendency to ignore reason and become impatient and pushy. On the plus side we can enjoy the benefits of a sense of purposefulness, drive to make our world better and the strength to conquer the world no matter how big or small the task may be.

Pluto is about transformation, death and rebirth and in Capricorn it again has to do with transforming the real world, your world. It’s a very masculine energy when it is in this sign. You see what you desire and you build towards it, like a developer seeing a block of land and building a home you see the potential for  transformation and change.  When Mars/ Pluto in Capricorn come together there is huge ambition and determination to achieve long-term goals and to transform your life as it is. It’s a great time for travel, great for making things happen, communication is still clear and fun times can still be had here… But this drive and desire of masculine energy  with strength (and some grunt may I add) over rides the need to be light-hearted and to have fun. Mars/Pluto focus is on how can i achieve… how can i build and how can i create … Its a day of self empowerment and how can i build myself and my life up for the better rather than the focus of helping others.

There is a very strong sexual energy in the air today. So if you have the urge to shake things up today is a good day.

The Moon is in curious Gemini all day. The Gemini Moon trines Mercury in Libra. This is responsible for communications being good, clear and business like. Creative power is also very high today.

Mercury in Libra quincunxes Chiron in Pisces. Ah nothing like friction between our mental thoughts and communication and the wounded healer.. This aspect can be tense as we find it hard to read the intention behind others words today and how they are communicated. It also can bring up deep wounds and old hurts by others. Maybe something was said once to you that cut you deep, hurt your feelings and you never got the chance to tell them how much it bothered you.. well now is your chance to face up to inner truths and let them know. Mercury/Chiron aspects can be great for healing communication and sharing our deepest feelings so try to use the energy today for good.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Tuesday 18/10/16

Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Pluto Venus semi-square Pluto

Venus moves into Sagittarius

The Moon in Gemini

Venus moves out of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius this morning. Venus  will continue to transit in Sagittarius until November 11th. Scorpio was all about romantic energy  and now it moves into the fire sign that is all about fun-loving and to be care free, it goes from intensity to lightness. Venus in Sagittarius loves to be free, to expand, explore and travel..Sagittarius, of course, has a shadow side and has its intense moments, considering it is a fire sign, being non-committal and a need for freedom at the expense of others. Venus in Sagittarius is a universal love for everyone, and less focused on one person, unlike Scorpio which is about focusing on intimacy with on specific relationship. Romantic adventures and doing things outside of your comfort zone will be highlight for the next few weeks, along with a blunt, straightforward approach to love, which can be fine as long as it’s not at the expense of someones else feelings.

Venus forms a semi-square with Pluto today. Feelings of  jealousies and possessiveness can emerge . This influence can bring to the surface tensions in relationships or social interactions that may be underlying.. If feelings of jealousy or suspiciousness run close to the surface today to the point were you can feel the heat rising, just take a step back, breath and know that these are coming from the ego and projecting them self as a fear of loosing someone or something. Sometimes, this transit brings up emotions of unreciprocated , unappreciated feelings in love or past hurts of romantic disappointment. Avoid power plays with friends, lovers and business partners today! Nurturer yourself , love yourself today, retreat and watch a movie alone and try to have some quality ME time. Avoid tempers running high, so think twice before sending that nasty text message or email…

The Moon enters Gemini today. Gemini is all about mental energy and its ruling planet is Mercury so it’s in a communication friendly position, the day has the potential to feel like it is going very quickly.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx





Friday 14/10/16

Friday 14th October, 2016

Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius

Moon into Aires

The Sun in Libra quincunxes  Chiron in Pisces

Good Morning…

Today’s energies are on the complicated side but don’t stress if your life has been a little up and down over the past few days you will be glad to hear it’s getting back to being in balance. Well, relatively speaking. This morning, the Sun in Libra quincunxes  Chiron in Pisces. This stimulates some self-doubt and tension between the conscious self and ego. Chiron the wounded healer can point out certain personal struggles that we may not be facing up to but with the Moon in Aires inspiring us to look forward instead of behind us, reaching our goals and facing critical issues can be on the cards.

Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius! This is great for getting organised and ticking boxes! We are capable of making sound decisions and this Mercury/Saturn connection makes it a great day for grounded and beneficial communication with others. The energy  around also helps us ground our minds, with the help of Libra to balance our thoughts and Sagittarius to bring about truth and lessons, we are able to think before we speak and come from a mature place in our dealing with others! Today try to tie up any loose ends and its especially good time to make a commitment to someone, personally or professionally.

The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries today and we can see temperatures rising as the energy of the Full Moon on Sunday builds. Full Moons are a time of releasing what no longer serves us to make room for what is meant to be.. If you want to read about what traditional happens at Full Moon and how to create your own ritual click here –  Full Moon Ritual

Have great day and an amazing weekend!

Andy Jackman xx

Thursday 13/10/16

Thursday 13th, October 2016

The Gibbous Moon is in Pisces

Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn

Mercury in Libra quincunxes the South Node in Pisces

Mercury in Libra quincunxes the south node in Pisces.This aspects can create tension and friction between our mind and intellect and our karmic past. The South Node traditional is about our past karmic lessons, lessons that some are denying or refusing to acknowledge and is holding them back from evolving on a soul level. South Node in Pisces triggers us to live in our shadow side, live in denial, delusion and avoidance of reality! The shadow side also includes us disconnecting from the body and reality, along with spiritual bypassing and refusing to see the truth in matters. Mercury  quincunxes the South Node gentle reminds us to be careful in how we perceive things, how we think and how we speak. Avoiding any quick and hard decisions is the key right now. Retrieve if you can and take some time out, meditate or spend time alone to figure the truth about yourself and the world around you, remove the rose-coloured glasses and delve deep inwards to find the truth of matters



The Gibbous Moon is in Pisces all day ! A typically easygoing,soft, gentle, flowing influence! But with the Mercury/Mars clash could heat things up today. It does not help that  Gibbous Moon is an already intense period, but to add to it all we are nearly at the Full Moon and things are going to start to get more and more heated!

Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn. Ouch some may feel the sting between the planet of communication and thoughts and Mars the planet God of War , action, aggression and survival energy! This clash has the potential to create tension and friction within our self and others. We can feel extra sassy ,fiery and some what aggressive today and we should watch out in dealings with others and with internal struggles with our conscious mind and our intellect as this powerful Mars energy is in the atmosphere!!! Navigate our communications with care is the key today, avoid mental aggression, don’t be so quick to snap and look out for the potential of arguments to start. Today be direct without being pushy, be clear and tactful in your actions the way you speak with others and your intentions. On a Positive note, this influence can light a fire under us for taking care of problem areas that we may not usually have courage to deal with.

Have a great day

By Andy Jackman xx


Wednesday 12/10/16


Wednesday 12th October, 2016

Mercury in Libra quincunxes Neptune in Pisces

The Moon moves into Pisces

Mercury  and  Jupiter in Libra

The Moon moves into Pisces today! We see the Moon go from the lovely air sign of Aquarius into a water sign of Pisces, which means there is a shift from mental thoughts to emotional depth! The Moon also conjuncts Neptune in Pisces,(Ah the water planet in a water sign ) and quincunx Jupiter and Mercury in Libra . The ability to articulate and communicate is very good again today with Mercury / Jupiter in Libra, but with Pisces energy very high today so are our emotions! We are very intuitive and very creative. Today is great day to articulate your hopes and dreams and talk to others about how you are feeling about the future and what you would like to happen. Today is a day that we are feeling highly inspired, we can write a short story or a poem due to our ability to tap into our emotional side! We are able to delve deep into our emotions and sub conscious, and if you usually feel awkward or uneasy about tapping in and expressing your emotional side, today is the day you will comfortable doing it!

Mercury in Libra quincunxes Neptune in Pisces which is great for creativity and dreams but it can blur the reality between truth and reality and fantasy, as Neptune is the planet that rules illusions, intuition and psychic energy and can make it easy for us to see what we want to see , ignore the truth and listen to the voice (ego) within and believe our own lies. Today some of us may have the tendency to daydream and possibly at the expense of our productivity and clear communication. Lets just say it’s not the best day for us to see matters clearly.

There is a quincunx between Venus and Uranus early today.Venus wants connection and intimacy were as Uranus wants freedom and to rebel . This can mean some will have difficulties in decisions regarding love and money.Some may face a challenge whether they are ready to get close to someone or are you willing to maintain certain relationships that you feel are stuck! Some may feel they are loosing their independence and want to cut ties! Venus / Uranus  aspect can bring disruptive energies into relationships but on the brighter side it  can also bring things to Light that may need  healing  or clearing out, ready to fully letting go.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx