The Happiness project

The Happiness Project

If anyone were to ask me what my goal in life was, my answer would always come down to… Happiness, whether it was in my job, my family life, my love life, my spiritual quest, my home life or myself. Although happiness is a timeless and universal human quest, its only in recent years, many have focused their research on how happiness can be sustained and increased. The research proves that happiness is possible through intentional habit changes, more than circumstantial changes. I found some interesting statistics and research into what circumstance sustain happiness and it got me thinking…

Only 10% of our happiness is due to our external circumstances and a full 90% is based on our inner environment, with 50% of our happiness level coming from our genes and as much as 40% being accounted for by our intentional daily activities and the choices we make. (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, et al., 2005).

So changing the way I think will have direct effect on my happiness, seems to simple, and if it where that easy I would happy most of time, which I can say I normally am, but after having the worst year of my life so far in 2015, I feel like I have been knocked down one to many times and it is harder to get back up, so I have decided that I need to make a change, I am sick and tired of being stuck in my emotional rut, in fact by starting up this website was the start of my healing journey, and it has opened up so many positive doors I never thought it would. So if like me you can get stuck in your own head and get lost in thoughts its time to retrain and reprogram our brains, to see and feel things from a happier light and point of view, and even if you only take on a few key notes and techniques it’s a small start to a bigger happier picture.

So Gang….

Lets make a promise, TO you, FOR you! Everyone, including yourself will benefit from the positive effects of your happiness. When you are happy you radiate positivity and that can have direct impact on the people you surround yourself with.