Friday 23/12/16

The Moon moves into Scorpio.

The Moon sextiles the Sun in Capricorn and Mars in Pisces.

The Moon enters Scorpio today. We shift energies from harmonious to intense as the day goes on. Scorpio’s energy is provocative,secretive and passionate. When the Moon is in Scorpio it can be healing, revealing and transformative. The intensity of your emotions can be used for practical purposes so just go with the flow and allow yourself to feel today.

The Moon in Scorpio engages in harmonious sextile with the Sun and Mars. This is a great day for conversations, taking action towards you desires and a wonderfully  simple day  to make connections that powerfully move your life forward.

Today see the blessing that may be in disguise, a little sense of mystery and intrigue show you are on the right path.

Now I know the excitement of Christmas is upon u,s but in less than a week’s time, we will have the New Moon in Capricorn.Its a great time to start thinking what you’re going to be focusing on manifesting for the New Year.

Have a great day and a wonderful Christmas.

Andy J xx

Thursday 22/12/16

Thursday 22nd December, 2016.

The Moon in Libra

Jupiter squares the Moon in Libra.

The Moon also squares Pluto and opposes Uranus

The Moon is in harmonious, social Libra all day, and we have a tendency to weigh all perspectives and to consider all possibilities. This airy relationship loving sign is great for compromising, balancing, negotiating.  This will be a great day for spending time with family or loved ones, and really straightening  and harmonizing personal and business relationships.

The Moon in Libra aligns with Jupiter . This is great if you still have some Christmas shopping and preparation for your festive celebrations. However remember when Jupiter is involved we tend to go LARGE and some may over do it and spend more than you intended on.

The Moon also squares Pluto and opposes Uranus today.  That means for us there will be a lot of wake up and shake up of energy today especially on the emotional front! The bonus of this is that Pluto/Uranus are great for cleaning out our emotional baggage.Let Pluto and Uranus bring up all that needs to healed,cleared and revealed in order for you to find balance,peace and healing to occur.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Wednesday 21/12/16

Wednesday 22nd December, 2016.

The Moon is in Libra.

The Sun moves into Capricorn.

Mars in Pisces.

Today is a very nice , easy,  reliable day. The Moon goes into Libra and the Sun goes into Capricorn. When the Moon is in Libra you feel very comfortable being around people,communicating with others and building harmonious relationship. Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships, whether t is business or romantic, so when the Moon is in this sign, there is no better time to focus on matters romantic. However remember that Mars in Pisces is going on in the background, so you will tend to find you are keeping things to yourself. The nice relationships and the good times you have today are not 100% honest, because Mars influences wants you to hold yourself back, and keep a certain part of yourself hidden! This ultimately  doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and have a great time today, it may mean that you or someone you are hanging around wont gauge with you 100%,NO  soul-searching and gazing today.

The Sun is in Capricorn, we can really feel that our actions and matters are grounded. That any action and direction we take,we will get a positive results . The Sun in Capricorn is very black or whites, practical, we see that our actions have consequences and are very predictable. The elements  and energy of Capricorn are clear, positive, reliable and safe.

Have a great day

Andy xx

Tuesday 20/12/2016

Tuesday 20th December, 2016.

The Moon in Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.

How are things going with for you now that Mercury has retrograded? Well some good news is that Mercury retrograde does not really hit us over the next few days as hard as it normally would. This is due to the other wonderful planetary aspects that will mitigated it. The full effects of Mercury retrograde wont be felt until the end of December.

The Moon is in Virgo.The Moon in Virgo is very grounded and very practical. The Moon will oppose Chiron and squares Saturn today. This is a great day to finish up practical jobs and matters that need to be attended to! From buying presents, decorating the house and finalizing Christmas plans. Today, don’t worry so much about the powers of Mercury retrograde, instead get those last-minute jobs done. If you are behind get things sorted, today is a day to take action!

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Monday 19/12/16

Monday December 19th, 2016.

Mercury in Capricorn goes into retrograde.

Mars into Pisces.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn today, it will remain retrograde until January 8th. This is the last time Mercury will be retrograde for the year and seeing it is in Capricorn it is a great time to revisit any plans that involve. Mercury is all about the way we think and when it’s in practical Capricorn we are in a good position to reevaluate professional or life path plans and goals. We may have little tolerance for small talk, as Capricorn isn’t about small nonsense chitchat. Today as Mercury stations itself, there can be cloudy thinking, judgment and misunderstandings. Think before you react today as you or someone you cross paths with today may be affected.

Mercury retrograde makes it harder for us and others to communicate ideas,plans and the message we want to get across. Travel can be thrown off, flights delayed, travel plans can be challenging, which over Christmas can be difficult, so allow yourself plenty of time and pre plan for minor mishaps to happen print your itinerary and ticket and double-check ticket time. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, and is best used for re-organizing, reflecting and reworking old plan.

Mars moves out of Aquarius and enters Pisces this morning, where it will transit until January 28th. Mars into Pisces shifting the warrior, our ambition and drive from air to water. When Mars the fire-red planet goes into the watery sign of Pisces we tend to be less motivated to pursue traditional goals and be more inclined to pursue spiritual emotional goals. Our drive and energy can be up and down like the tides of an ocean during this aspect we take an intuitive approach to pursuing our desires. Mars in Pisces is a symbol of the Spiritual warrior so try to focus your energy on a spiritual, mystical and creative journey over the next few weeks.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Friday 16/12/2016

Friday 16th December,  2016.

The Moon moves in to Leo.

The Moon in Leo quincunx  Neptune in Pisces.

Today we get an energy mini break, as there is no major planetary aspects happening. That means today is a great day to recharge and teak a break. Today should unfold with simple pleasures and ease.

The Moon moves from sensitive, watery, Cancer to playful Leo. When the Moon is in Leo we are passionate, creative and fiery.  Today is a great day to reach out to some of your most loyal buddies, to cultivate and relax into the warmth of Leo. Today will be a good time to be playful, celebratory, and entertaining activities are high on our priority list.

The Moon in Leo quincunx  Neptune in Pisces. The energy around this aspect is really about the imagination and dreaming. So today there will be loads of optimism floating around in the Universe. You will have a desire to be out and about, to perform, or be in the spotlight. Whether it’s at a dinner party, being the entertainer, the joker or breaking into song at dance at a club !

Leo is the showstopper sign of the zodiac so its time to show off today. Start turning some heads and show the world what you have got.  Organize something fun to and don’t hide under your safety rock. Confidence and positivity is in the air today so use it wisely!


Have a great day.

Andy J x


Daily Tarot Thursday 15/12/16


With the Moon in Cancer what better time than to use the Archangel of Cancer, Gabriel Oracle Cards

Happy News!

Well Happy Thursday, This card brings an exciting announcement of forthcoming news that you will be very happy about! All of the good work you’ve been doing is culminating in success. The results may differ from your expectations, so don’t be surprised if the good news comes to you in ways you may not understand or were expecting, but you will be pleased with them nonetheless. For that reason, stay open-minded today, expect the unexpected as to how your rewards come to you. If you’re only looking for one type of success, you may not notice it arriving in a different form.

As to the question of when this happy news is coming, Archangel Gabriel is saying that it is imminent, arising within the next few days or weeks (less than two months). In the meantime, continue with your current healthy and productive activities. Your rewards are unfolding in exactly the right way.

Andy J x

Thursday 15/12/16


Thursday 15th December, 2016.

The Moon is in Cancer.

The Sun in Sagittarius.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aires.

The Moon is in sensitive, emotional Cancer all day. Today is a great day to retreat, revive and be with family and friends. When the Moon is in Cancer we tend to gravitate towards the nurturing side of life, we become domestic and want to spread our self and our love wide, touching everyone we meet with kindness. Today is a great day to focus on your home, does it needing ssorting out? if your home is in a bit of a mess.. clean up! de clutter! do the washing or put fresh sheet on the bed. Our needs for comfort, safety, belonging, and familiarity are strong today, so invite your family and loved ones over.Cancer loves food so host a dinner party  and enjoy a good meal with special ones.

A Cancer Moon Day is a wonderful time to work on your doubts and fears.Don’t be too hard-headed and hide behind your shell as Cancer can have a slightly insecure vibe,work out what’s worrying you. Nurture yourself, take a bath light a candle and watch a movie if socializing is not your thing today.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra and the rebel Uranus in Aires. Today there is a chance we may feel a slight shift in energetic gears, but still overall its a very positive day. Intuition is strong today, we are very much in touch with our needs and we are highly creative. So it’s a wonderful day to express yourself, bake, sing, draw, garden do whatever it is you love to do put some time aside for yourself today and get creative! However this planetary  configuration can make some of us overdo it, try to not take on too much as a lot is going on and we have  a strong desire to put in all our time and energy in all that we do, so today identifying our priorities and simplifying things.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Wednesday 14/12/16

Wednesday 14th December, 2016.

The Full Moon enters Cancer.

Moon forms a trine with Neptune.

The Full Moon leaves chatty, sociable Gemini and will enter nurturing,emotional, healing Cancer early this morning.  Your need for comfort, healing, and nurturing may be more pronounced than usual. Have a movie night or cook a homely dinner for anyone you love.

The Super Moon is still upon us and as it is the last Full Super Moon of the year. It’s a real good time to sit back and appreciate all that happened over the past year, both good and bad.This Super Moon is a time of celebration and gratitude. It’s all about positivity and being thankful for all the good things in your life.  The Cancer Moon provides us with a great time to stay at home with our families and close ones and reflect on 2016!

The Moon forms a lovely trine aspect to dreamy Neptune.Take time to retreat and reflect tonight if you can. Light the candles, create a soft dreamy space which will foster a  lovely  emotional, spiritual connection. This aspect is great for strengthening your intuition and introspection.

Happy Wednesday

Andy J xx

Super Moon Tuesday 13/12/16

Tuesday 13th December,2016.

Full Moon in Gemini.

Sun in Sagittarius.

Happy Full Moon Day!

Well here we are again facing the last Full Moon for the year, and not only are we going to experience the beautiful light of the Full Moon it will be a Super Full Moon. Super Moons are where the Moon is closer to earth and therefore brighter and has a stronger impact on us here on earth !

The Full Moon is in Gemini and it has a celebratory feel about it, as it’s the final Full Moon of the year and it means we calibrate on the past year. So let this Moon shower down on you its positivity and energy.. So if it is a clear night go out and stand under that bright light, absorb its full light and release the old.

When the Moon is in Gemini it gives us a chance to be curious, optimistic and chatty. It’s a great time to exchange ideas, do some research ,socialize and surround yourself to inspire creativity. This Moon is all about opportunities, looking ahead , progressing forward and to move along.

Full Moons are a time to close doors, and this Full Moon will prompt us to look ahead and see where our direction will be going in 2017. What has worked for you? what isn’t? From people, to diets and personal attitudes and bad habits. This is a great time to sit down, reflect and really think about what inst work for you and what doesn’t feel right.  The conversational Gemini Full Moon encourages us to take full responsibility for our thinking and our communications.( it is ruled by Mercury ).

Have you felt the energy of the Full Moon  build and build and build this past few days?  There’s some Full Moon madness during this luna period as the luna cycle comes to an end ( Not literally of course) Than after the aftermath of the Full Moon crazies we are followed by a sort of cosmic sigh.

The Full Moon in Gemini opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is very much about exploring, learning and broadening your horizons, that there than combines and shines along with the Moon, its positive personal energy to make us think ” how can i use the information, my intellect and my ideas, to find away forward and have fun whilst doing it ”

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx