Super Moon Tuesday 13/12/16

Tuesday 13th December,2016.

Full Moon in Gemini.

Sun in Sagittarius.

Happy Full Moon Day!

Well here we are again facing the last Full Moon for the year, and not only are we going to experience the beautiful light of the Full Moon it will be a Super Full Moon. Super Moons are where the Moon is closer to earth and therefore brighter and has a stronger impact on us here on earth !

The Full Moon is in Gemini and it has a celebratory feel about it, as it’s the final Full Moon of the year and it means we calibrate on the past year. So let this Moon shower down on you its positivity and energy.. So if it is a clear night go out and stand under that bright light, absorb its full light and release the old.

When the Moon is in Gemini it gives us a chance to be curious, optimistic and chatty. It’s a great time to exchange ideas, do some research ,socialize and surround yourself to inspire creativity. This Moon is all about opportunities, looking ahead , progressing forward and to move along.

Full Moons are a time to close doors, and this Full Moon will prompt us to look ahead and see where our direction will be going in 2017. What has worked for you? what isn’t? From people, to diets and personal attitudes and bad habits. This is a great time to sit down, reflect and really think about what inst work for you and what doesn’t feel right.  The conversational Gemini Full Moon encourages us to take full responsibility for our thinking and our communications.( it is ruled by Mercury ).

Have you felt the energy of the Full Moon  build and build and build this past few days?  There’s some Full Moon madness during this luna period as the luna cycle comes to an end ( Not literally of course) Than after the aftermath of the Full Moon crazies we are followed by a sort of cosmic sigh.

The Full Moon in Gemini opposes the Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is very much about exploring, learning and broadening your horizons, that there than combines and shines along with the Moon, its positive personal energy to make us think ” how can i use the information, my intellect and my ideas, to find away forward and have fun whilst doing it ”

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx


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