Monday 19/12/16

Monday December 19th, 2016.

Mercury in Capricorn goes into retrograde.

Mars into Pisces.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn today, it will remain retrograde until January 8th. This is the last time Mercury will be retrograde for the year and seeing it is in Capricorn it is a great time to revisit any plans that involve. Mercury is all about the way we think and when it’s in practical Capricorn we are in a good position to reevaluate professional or life path plans and goals. We may have little tolerance for small talk, as Capricorn isn’t about small nonsense chitchat. Today as Mercury stations itself, there can be cloudy thinking, judgment and misunderstandings. Think before you react today as you or someone you cross paths with today may be affected.

Mercury retrograde makes it harder for us and others to communicate ideas,plans and the message we want to get across. Travel can be thrown off, flights delayed, travel plans can be challenging, which over Christmas can be difficult, so allow yourself plenty of time and pre plan for minor mishaps to happen print your itinerary and ticket and double-check ticket time. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, and is best used for re-organizing, reflecting and reworking old plan.

Mars moves out of Aquarius and enters Pisces this morning, where it will transit until January 28th. Mars into Pisces shifting the warrior, our ambition and drive from air to water. When Mars the fire-red planet goes into the watery sign of Pisces we tend to be less motivated to pursue traditional goals and be more inclined to pursue spiritual emotional goals. Our drive and energy can be up and down like the tides of an ocean during this aspect we take an intuitive approach to pursuing our desires. Mars in Pisces is a symbol of the Spiritual warrior so try to focus your energy on a spiritual, mystical and creative journey over the next few weeks.

Have a great day

Andy J xx