Dreamy and in Love! 09/08/2017.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

The Moon is in Pisces.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo trines Venus in Cancer.

The Moon continues on her journey through mystical, Pisces.When the Moon is in this sign its much more emotional, loving, spiritual and caring. Today, do allow yourself to float unburdened and take some time and listen to your intuition and allow space for dreamy sensitivity.

The Pisces Moon opposes Mercury in Virgo. Mercury governs the way we think, and communicate and in Virgo it takes charge and is a machine. It takes in all information, it gathers it and makes sense of it. Its rational, looking at information for what it is.

Mercury trines Venus in Cancer, Venus is all about love and beauty and in cancer she is very nurturing emotional . This however can cause a problem for Mercury in Virgo. The Pisces Moon and Venus in Cancer means today our feelings will beat logic so watch out for that. Logic and reasoning will step aside for love and passion, be careful as the urge of sudden emotions and impulses can override your sensibility, so think before you stand under your partners window holding a boom box and declaring your love.

Happy Wednesday!

Andy j x


The Energy is shifting. Daily grind 21/4/17

Friday April 21st, 2017.

The Moon enters Pisces.

Venus squares Saturn.

Mars enters Gemini.

Friday is not a simple day! First, you will feel the shift as Mars moves out of Taurus and into Gemini, and as Venus and Saturn dance together in the sky.

Mars moves out of Taurus and into intellectual Gemini, where it will transit until June 4th. When Mars in Gemini the energy shifts from body to the mind. from a grounded earth energy to air and mind. Mars in Gemini, is laser focused, versatile and flexible, we find our self quick at thinking and talking.

This morning, the planet of beauty and luck Venus forms a square to Saturn.This energy will remain with you throughout the day and suggestive of a time of questioning, and for some it may be the final push for you to finally self reflect and to recognize your limits, and see realistic expectations when it comes to money and financial stability, your values, your intimate relationships, and with your little pleasures.

The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until it enters Pisces this afternoon. When the Moon is in dreamy Pisces we are more compassionate and lucid, spiritual and what a great time for healing and pouring our energy into self-improvement, growing and nurturing our self especially with all this intense energy that been around this week!


Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

By Andy J xx

Friday 17/03/2017

Friday, March 17, 2017.

The Moon is in Scorpio and trine the Sun in Pisces.

The Pisces Sun squares Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Scorpio Moon trine the Sun in Pisces.The Pisces Sun squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Hmm, today may not be the best day to make any sound and rash life decisions. Saturn in Sagittarius can be very unclear and somewhat fuzzy, especially in regards to the right path forward and what life is really about . The Sun being in the dreamy, watery, airy fairy sign of Pisces means our thoughts, emotions and decision-making skills are also up in the air. It’s not a good day for life changing decisions such as buying a new house, changing careers,dumping your partner, anything that will affect your life over the next 15 – 20 years. Today you will find you are better focused on the interpersonal side of life and having a good time, and well-being St Patrick day you couldn’t ask for a better day to relax and enjoy life!

Sun squaring Saturn today will also provide a great opportunity for us to step back and be willing and ready to look reality in the face, especially if we have been in denial or deflecting responsibility, another key for today is to not be quick to blame or express our anger and frustrations but take responsibility for ourselves,our actions and our decisions.

Happy Friday!

Andy J xx




Monday January 30th, 2017

The Moon is ion Pisces.

The Moon is in Pisces conjunts Neptune in Pisces, sextiles Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn.

The Moon is in Pisces and it conjunts Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn . This means for us its an intense day of balance between our emotional side and our physical practical side. Today if you really feel or sense something that you are thinking about, than it will immediately make sense and will be easily put into action. Today there will be no doubt or distance to what you are feeling and the practical matters needed to make it happen. What you feel will match how you think today it is one and the same. However with the Moon in dreamy Pisces all day, and we are inclined to daydream just watch out you don’t stray too much from routine today but with the  Moon’s cooperation with Mercury and Pluto today  we will gain that clarity and concentration.

When the Moon is in  Pisces we can find ourselves becoming compassionate, spiritually aware, perceptive, adaptable and also a little sensitive. So today wander off into day-dream land and dream of what you want from your life but do be some what practical in the things you wish to manifest – we are still in a New Moon phase of manifestation so dream big and write your New Moon wishes if you haven’t yet so done it.. Tap into the New Moon energy!

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Wednesday 25/01/2017

Wednesday January 25th, 2017.

The Moon is in Capricorn.

Venus and Chiron in Pisces.

The Moon is in responsible Capricorn and it conjunts Mercury in Capricorn. Today energy is great to get things done! The Moons alignment with Mercury can be a good time for clarifying feelings and prioritizing what needs to get done. It’s a wonderful day for anything to do with work , as there is responsible and dedicated work energy in the air, administration, contracts and purchases will be easy done and dealt with today.. so if your tax needs lodging, sort out registrations, sign new contracts or anything practical and official that  you need to organise will be handled quick and efficient today.

Venus in Pisces aligns with Chiron in Pisces. Vulnerabilities and sensitivities will arise and we will be in tuned with them, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying, retreating for no good reason, just be willing to go inside, make sense of them and accept them. Remember you are loved.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Monday 23/01/2017

Monday 23rd January, 2017.

The Moon in Sagittarius.

Moons squares with Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

Mars is in Pisces.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today. This Sagittarius Moons forms a lot of square with major planets. It squares Neptune , Venus and Chiron and they  all happen to be in the sign of  Pisces.

With the Moon in Sagittarius all day,  we require less prompting and encouraging  to get moving and to experience life. Anything that breaks the routine and maybe the rules is appealing now. A change of scenery may be in order. Try something new today either a new place for lunch or order a new coffee,try a new activity or dream big and look for a new holiday.

Today you will have a strong desire to push away or retreat from your feelings. You will have this rebellious streak to do things against the grain, and in spite of how you actually feel , you will contradict yourself especially in how you really feel. This results in you making yourself very awkward in terms of how you feel and overall how you want to get rid of them.  It has the feeling of ” Out of sight, Out of mind” .

Mars is in Pisces and this combination can be the meeting of our spiritual self and our  warrior self. With Neptune, Chiron and Venus also in Pisces expect to have some serious spiritual downloads. Downloads about truths, our relationships, and the path to compromise and collaboration are incoming in, so open up! Allow these synchronicities, messages, repetitive numbers, words conversations.We just need to have the ears to hear and our eyes to see those  important insights and messages.

The shadow side of Mars, we can be fiery and feisty, and over react to situations that normally would not bother us. It also has the potential to bring up stuff or issues in relationships, business partnerships , prior commitments and more. The key today is to be discerning in our connections in our lives and try see things clearly from all points of views

Happy Monday and have a great day

Andy J x

Monday 9/1/17

Monday 9th January, 2017.

The Moon is in Gemini.

The Moon in Gemini forms a square with Venus, Neptune, and Mars in Pisces.

The Moon is in inquisitive, chatty  Gemini all day. There is a strong need to communicate and to express our ideas, creativity is high on our agenda today as there is with increased mental activity.

The Moon in Gemini forms a square with Venus in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Pisces. So you are gong to interested in your own feelings and also your feelings towards other people especially when it comes to love . The best way to use all this Pisces energy today is to spend time with loved ones , to bring out your positive feelings for other people and to really spend time in situations and environments that you can safely talk bout your feelings as today the urge will be high.

On the  Shadow side of this square with Venus, Neptune, and Mars, we can find ourselves feeling nervous and over-thinking things. Some of us will feel like our heads in the clouds due to square with Neptune the planet of bewilderment and confusion, today  is best not to make firm decisions as your mind may be too busy.  We may end up wasting our time more often than not today.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Tuesday 3/1/17

Tuesday 3rd January, 2017

The Moon is in Pisces

Venus enters Pisces.

By this morning, we will all wake up to number of planets in the dreamy sign of  Pisces. The Moon joins Neptune and Mars is in Pisces and, we see Venus leave independent Aquarius and also enter sensitive mystical Pisces. When such a gathering of planets in one sign occurs, it is good to pay attention to what the Universe is teaching you through the energy of this sign, Where does Pisces sit in your birth chart?

Venus enters Pisces today January 3rd until February 3rd.When Venus is in Pisces  allow your intuition to guide you in matters of love and the heart, money, and beauty. Dreamy Pisces rarely sees the world in black and white it embraces all the colours of the rainbow and this will be the same in our love life this month. We are  seducible and seductive, compassionate and creative, we are able to forgive and understand.We are open and creative and have an intuitive approach to money, the pursuit of pleasure, love,beauty and art.

The shadow side of Venus in Pisces there is a longing for something that is hard to define and hard to satisfy. Our reality can be blurred and we enter into a position that allows ourselves to be victimized or act deluded,our borders and boundaries are blur under this influence.


Have a great day! Happy New Year! 

Andy J xx

Monday 19/12/16

Monday December 19th, 2016.

Mercury in Capricorn goes into retrograde.

Mars into Pisces.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn today, it will remain retrograde until January 8th. This is the last time Mercury will be retrograde for the year and seeing it is in Capricorn it is a great time to revisit any plans that involve. Mercury is all about the way we think and when it’s in practical Capricorn we are in a good position to reevaluate professional or life path plans and goals. We may have little tolerance for small talk, as Capricorn isn’t about small nonsense chitchat. Today as Mercury stations itself, there can be cloudy thinking, judgment and misunderstandings. Think before you react today as you or someone you cross paths with today may be affected.

Mercury retrograde makes it harder for us and others to communicate ideas,plans and the message we want to get across. Travel can be thrown off, flights delayed, travel plans can be challenging, which over Christmas can be difficult, so allow yourself plenty of time and pre plan for minor mishaps to happen print your itinerary and ticket and double-check ticket time. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, and is best used for re-organizing, reflecting and reworking old plan.

Mars moves out of Aquarius and enters Pisces this morning, where it will transit until January 28th. Mars into Pisces shifting the warrior, our ambition and drive from air to water. When Mars the fire-red planet goes into the watery sign of Pisces we tend to be less motivated to pursue traditional goals and be more inclined to pursue spiritual emotional goals. Our drive and energy can be up and down like the tides of an ocean during this aspect we take an intuitive approach to pursuing our desires. Mars in Pisces is a symbol of the Spiritual warrior so try to focus your energy on a spiritual, mystical and creative journey over the next few weeks.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

Tuesday 6/12/16

Tuesday 6th December, 2016

The Moon in Pisces.

The Moon in Pisces sexitles Mercury in Capricorn.

Mars forms a sextile with Uranus.


The Moon is in Pisces all day. The dreamy, mystical Pisces Moon energy encourages us to get in touch with our imaginative,expressive and compassionate side. It offers us a chance to be soft, sensitivity and dreaminess today.

The Moon in Pisces sexitles Mercury in Capricorn , your ideas will be very practical and grounded. This aspect then conjunts Neptune in Pisces. It doesn’t get much more dream like than today. Dreamy Neptune the water planet in the dreamy sign of Pisces is all about spirituality, creativity and dreaming! Today we are so automatically tuned into our own feelings , and that if we are faced with any decisions today your answer will be based on your true feelings . So today is great for contributing yourself into situations were you would normally feel pressured by others, because you are so grounded on the way you feel in regards to certain matters , you will be clear on how you feel and trust in your decision-making process , you will be genuine and truthful to yourself.

Mars forms a sextile with Uranus today. This means the planet of action forms an aspect with the planet of unexpected unconventional humanitarian change. This aspect will help us point ourselves in a direction with a greater willingness to take risks.We become bold and assertive, we are ready and willing to make those changes in our lives.

Embrace change, acknowledge progress, and accept any new methods and ways of doing things.Mars/Uranus offers us an opportunity to explore and be curious, along with an option to look clearly at possibilities that are presented to us.

Have a great day

Andy J xx