Tuesday 20/12/2016

Tuesday 20th December, 2016.

The Moon in Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.

How are things going with for you now that Mercury has retrograded? Well some good news is that Mercury retrograde does not really hit us over the next few days as hard as it normally would. This is due to the other wonderful planetary aspects that will mitigated it. The full effects of Mercury retrograde wont be felt until the end of December.

The Moon is in Virgo.The Moon in Virgo is very grounded and very practical. The Moon will oppose Chiron and squares Saturn today. This is a great day to finish up practical jobs and matters that need to be attended to! From buying presents, decorating the house and finalizing Christmas plans. Today, don’t worry so much about the powers of Mercury retrograde, instead get those last-minute jobs done. If you are behind get things sorted, today is a day to take action!

Have a great day

Andy J xx

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