Thursday 15/12/16


Thursday 15th December, 2016.

The Moon is in Cancer.

The Sun in Sagittarius.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aires.

The Moon is in sensitive, emotional Cancer all day. Today is a great day to retreat, revive and be with family and friends. When the Moon is in Cancer we tend to gravitate towards the nurturing side of life, we become domestic and want to spread our self and our love wide, touching everyone we meet with kindness. Today is a great day to focus on your home, does it needing ssorting out? if your home is in a bit of a mess.. clean up! de clutter! do the washing or put fresh sheet on the bed. Our needs for comfort, safety, belonging, and familiarity are strong today, so invite your family and loved ones over.Cancer loves food so host a dinner party  and enjoy a good meal with special ones.

A Cancer Moon Day is a wonderful time to work on your doubts and fears.Don’t be too hard-headed and hide behind your shell as Cancer can have a slightly insecure vibe,work out what’s worrying you. Nurture yourself, take a bath light a candle and watch a movie if socializing is not your thing today.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra and the rebel Uranus in Aires. Today there is a chance we may feel a slight shift in energetic gears, but still overall its a very positive day. Intuition is strong today, we are very much in touch with our needs and we are highly creative. So it’s a wonderful day to express yourself, bake, sing, draw, garden do whatever it is you love to do put some time aside for yourself today and get creative! However this planetary  configuration can make some of us overdo it, try to not take on too much as a lot is going on and we have  a strong desire to put in all our time and energy in all that we do, so today identifying our priorities and simplifying things.

Have a great day

Andy J xx

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