Are you suffering symptoms of Mercury Retrograde?

Yes , we are in a Mercury Retrograde, and yes it moved back into Aries last week where it will stay in this sign until May 16th (Although Mercury’s retrograde will end on May 3rd).

Mercury Retrograde is great at helping bring to our attention those shadow parts of us, parts we may of felt that didn’t need healing. Mercury retrograde is great at highlighting where the healing lies and the truth can be found. In Mercury Retrograde communication, travel, technology, equipment, travel and contracts can be upside down, backwards, misinterpreted, breakdowns and unnecessary disagreements occur.

At work, you can find yourself frustrated even though you’re sure that you’ve explained yourself clearly, people around you do the opposite and your fail-proof computer crashes. You experience equipment and mechanical breakdowns of all types even at home, when out and your car!

Mercury does rule the mind, mental clarity, talking, self-expression so all these over this period can become  unreliable, filled with misinformation where important data is missing or misunderstood. During this period we should watch for too hasty communications as Mercury rules our communications and thought process and well in Aires we can become very direct ,assertive and self-centered. Say what must be said but try to remember to do so with kindness and compassion.

Mercury Retrograde in Aires gives us the courage to take action on something you have struggled with over the past few weeks. What curve balls have you been dealing with over the past month? What repetitive issues seem to be surfacing? Career, a friendship, your living circumstance, a draining relationship?

If you  have found yourself or parts of yourself being exposed, and in order to work on yourself you are stressed you must remember that you also need to love yourself unconditionally. When there is a lot going on give yourself some space, as much as the mind wants order, you will find when too much is going on we get agitated and stressed. When there is times of stress you must remember you are feeling a lot of things, so give yourself some space. Give yourself permission to experience those emotions instead of categorising it, organising it. Just let what needs to be revealed,happen. In these topsy upside and can be dark days of stress and frustration use your energy and see the small joys and blessing in your day. Even though you may be suffering and want to go on strike, see the small happy moments in the day and the lesson in the bad situations! Don’t stuff your feelings away,

The discomfort  and madness we are going through and experience on any level in Mercury Retrograde or not there is a choice to choose love and happiness! You can love someone and be mad, you can be frustrated but still caring, go with the flow, be present to everything that’s going on during this period, and don’t disqualify it because there is discomfort!! It often takes deep courage to admit to your mistakes and it is likely that is a necessary part of the conversation you must have. We all make mistakes, take responsibility and move forward with determination and love.


By Andy J xx

Tuesday 1/11/16

1st November , 2016.

The Moon enters Sagittarius.

The Moon connects with Neptune in Pisces

The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. Our sixth sense and” Gut Feelings” are fine tuned today, and we will find our self being in the right place at the right time due to our highly in-tuned hunches. The Sun in Neptune is mystical, dreamy and very magical. It’s a wonderful time to connect with your higher self , connect with your past and line up your conscious a your unconscious self. looking within and honoring the realms of intuition, emotion, and sensitivity are key right now.Do you feel overly sensitive,emotional and  perhaps even confused or dreamy?

With the Moon in Sagittarius, and the Sun in Scorpio trining transcendent Neptune in Pisces. There is a magical, fun , future forward energy in the atmosphere and these aspect’s encourages you look at your future, what are you passionate about? What can you create? What can you change? The feelings are of ” Yes i am who am and i accept that, i am brave i am courageous and how can i make my life and my future better ” Its a darkness to light energy  a hug change from the darker energies we felt the last week. We have a sense of enthusiasm, encouragement and being lifted.

The New Moon enters Sagittarius today! When the Moon is in Sagittarius our motivation and energy levels increase. The Sagittarius Moon supports us to look at life a little more philosophically, it encourages us to let go of resentments and inhibitions and relax and have some fun! you will feel a desire to explore and seek adventures.

Have a great day!

Andy Jackman xx


The Ego Vs the Soul

The Ego Vs the Soul

The is you’re your false self-whilst your soul is your true self.

Me Vs We

Blame vs Understanding

Anger Vs  Happiness

Egoism Vs Altruism

War Vs  Peace

Separation Vs  Unity

Materialism Vs  Spiritualism

Coldness Vs  Sympathy

Extravagance Vs   Simplicity

Hostility Vs  Friendliness

Complaining Vs  Gratefulness

Pride Vs  Love

Jealously Vs  Harmony

Victim Vs Creating own reality

Inferior Vs Equal

Ruled by deadlines Vs Goes with the flow

Greed Vs  Love

Taker Vs  Giver

The Ego is your false self, your Soul is your true self. For one to be truly happy ,you must learn to starve the Ego and feed your Soul.