Thursday 17/11/16

Thursday 17th November 2016.

The Moon is in Cancer and opposes Venus is in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra.

The Moon trines Neptune in Pisces.


The Moon goes into wonderful Cancer today and opposes Venus is in Capricorn and squares Jupiter in Libra it also trines Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. On this day try to avoid getting into any awkward intense conversations.. on saying that, some people out there love this kind of conversational conflict, they love to bring up past events, past mistakes. Some people thrive on drama, they get into it, and if there is no drama around they love to crate it. it’s a choice and that type of energy will be more available today. The energy will be floating around, so don’t get into conflicting conversations, don’t give into heated situations and avoid situations you know will turn heated.

Today don’t focus on negative thing in your life focus on the positive things you have going for you. It’s also a great day to transform personal relationships, especially on a romantic personal level.

Today with the Moon in Cancer, our emotions can be like the tide ( we are made up of 70 % water), we see our moods shift from shy, sensitive, mysterious, fun-loving and potentially a little snappy and guarded. If you can tap into nurturing Cancer energy and try open heart to all the goodness this star sign offers you such as quality family time, sweetness, love and enjoying creature comforts like fine food, snuggling and watching movies  the outcome can be a wonderful.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and with this super moon energy still in our skies if it becomes overwhelming and difficult to deal with this intense energy , head to bed early or focus on all the good in your life, have some self-care, have a bath, put your feet in the sand or care and love those you choose to call family.

As the Cancer Moon trine mystical Neptune in Pisces, it is a great time to turn inwards, focus your energy towards deep sensitivity and compassion. Strengthen your relationship to the divine.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Wednesday 16/11/16

Wednesday 16th November,2016

The Moon is in Gemini it makes connections with Chiron, Uranus the Sun in Scorpio

Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus

Wednesday there is a lot going on. The Moon is in Gemini it makes connections with Chiron, Uranus the Sun in Scorpio and expect some information curve ball today, for example you get some information in and it changes the game , and you are going to have to deal with it! IT will be unexpected and very powerful and has the potential to alter things.. we will hear something  whether its your  personally or all of us its going to be something that decently throws a spanner in the mix  and is a game changer.

Today begins with the excitement of the Moon in Gemini. The Moon in  Gemini’s make’s us chatty, witty, logical and great at communication. Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus today which on the bright side can produce sparks of insight but on the darker side it can leave us feeling scatter brained. Today could leave us over thinking, sarcastic, irritable and have sudden negative outburst of anger.. so do yourself a favor, focus on the new creative ideas that come to you, and count to 3 before you unleashed unwanted frustrations out on anyone, this especially  implies to yourself, as the only person you are truly frustrated at is your self.

Take time and bring yourself back down to earth. We are still in full swing of the Full Moon energy , and all we all know or have seen all emotions whether good or bad are brought to the surface,  maybe take some time out,  ground yourself especially if your energy is up in the air. But please do don’t push down  any emotion, haunting issue, hurt and frustration its  better for us to deal with them in a healthy way… like talk to someone you trust, eat ice cream, walk along the beach, sit in nature , pat an animal, take a nap.

Mars semi squares with Chiron. This square can point to increased sensitivity, to what we might feel are criticisms, friendly feedback or blows to the ego. Don’t take them to heart just remember people are feeling just like you today.

If you haven’t read my blog about the Supermoon and how the energy affects us along with how to ground yourself click here November Super Moon 2016

Have a great day

Andrea Jackman xx



Picture by me off my balcony last night 14/11/16

Full Moon Ritual

Full moon Ritual

As the full moon is upon us, it’s time to reflect and release those things that no longer serve us. Let go of what you no longer need in your life or any aspect of yourself that you may have outgrown. The moon, being the closest astronomical mass to Earth, has a profound effect on us. When the moon is full, it is at its high tide of power, amplifying energies. The moon traditionally represents the emotional, nurturing, creative and feminine aspect of our lives. When the energy is intense and as powerful as this, it enables you to take action, have you ever felt a pull or an urge leading up to the full moon? Many people feel this intensifying energy, it is a sign that you may need to release energies that no longer serve you, and you can do this by performing a Full moon ritual.

The full moon period is a great time to take action towards your new moon intentions you made two weeks prior and is a great opportunity for some self-reflection. The full moon can shed some light on what could be holding you back and what needs to be released that’s standing in your way .

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke the intention of releasing and Letting go. You can purge yourself of any old identities, frame of mind, attitudes, behavior and situations. You may wish to take an inventory of thoughts and beliefs no longer serving you, clean out your possessions. Remember, you can release anything emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.  Release any addictions such as food or drama, emotional vampires,  unhappiness in your job , relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships.

You can also seek guidance from your spirit guides or angels to help highlight what is ready to be shed from your life. Tools to help you connect with your guides include oracle cards, journaling and automatic writing, or mediation. Trust the guidance that comes to you, your gut instincts are usually right.

Write down all the things you wish to release and give thanks for what it’s already served. After writing them down you can visualise them being released and healed, do this by performing your ritual sitting under the moon or at a window with the moon shining down.

 What you need

Pen, paper, lighter, candle, small bowls (if you intend on burning your notes) , water, sage and other personal objects such as crystals.

  1. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet, clutter free place to sit, place crystals or other special tokens around you.
  2. Clear your energy. Burn sage and clear your energy space, or you can imagine standing under a silver or bright white waterfall of pure light and allow all negative and lower energies to be cleared away.
  3. Light the candle, Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write on the piece of paper what you wish to release from your life
  4. When you have finished your list, sign and date the page.
  5. Go into your heart space/chakra and declare “I now let this go. I ask you angels to please take this list for healing and transmutation, and I thank you, Amen.” Then place the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page, you then place it in the bowl and watch as the flames consume and release your request to the universe for healing.
  6. Use your intuition to guide you. You may just want to sit under the moon and read your list aloud, or with a lit candle and not burn your page. You may want to meditate on what to let go of. Just the intention of releasing and letting go can work.

Just remember… our words have power. Saying – “Be Gone” audibly and loudly can be very freeing. Thank the spirits and angels. Be safe and don’t forget to have some fun.


Written by Andy Jackman x




Tusday 15/11/16

Tuesday 15th November, 2016

The Moon is in Gemini and opposes Mercury in Sagittarius Trines Mars in Aquarius.

Mercury goes in Sagittarius and sextiles Mars in Aquarius.

The Moon goes into Gemini and opposes Mercury in Sagittarius & Trines Mars in Aquarius. This is a personal day,  Who am i? where am i going? what can i personal do and how can i help  to make things better, along with the world around me. Everything that is going happen today is very positive! This energy has forced people to look at themselves .. What am i responsible for? what are my beliefs? what do i care about and what kind of life am i going to create for myself. Today is a wonderful day to ask your self and question yourself where are your biggest talents and how can you implement those to help other people and yourself for the good! Today things will open up and you will get a lot of answers you have been seeking.

Today is going to  feel very active on an emotional level, as a cancerian I have already felt a serious of ups and downs ( it does not help that my star sign is ruled by the Moon either)  But when the Full  Moon is in restless Gemini its illuminates down Gemini qualities. The day  moves quickly, and we will gather information in all circumstances. Gemini Full Moons stimulating our desire to know more about the world around. It’s a very mental, logical energy, we are also curious about the people in and around us. Gemini’s ruler is Mercury – the thinking, communication planet so our communications may be quick and to the point, as we are mentally alert, energetic and enthusiastic. We can feel very  alert and aware, and idea can turn quickly  into workable projects.

Mercury goes in Sagittarius and sextiles Mars in Aquarius. This aspect helps aligns the driven warrior spirit within us with the our mind and our will. This is great for getting clear on what you really want and having the courage to speak up and take positive directions to achieve it. We will feel direct, decisive and honest. Just try to channel this fiery energy for the good and not come across arrogant and pushy no one like to deal with people who are over-confident, right and that make you feel your opinion is invalid.

Have a great day

by Andy Jackman xx


Photo BY me x

Monday 14/11/16

Monday 14th November, 2016.

Full Moon in Taurus.

Sun in Scorpio.

Happy Super Moon day! There is a major Full Moon happening this week having a great influence this week has the potential to be very magical.  Today Monday 14th is we see the Full Moon in Taurus, it’s not only a Full Moon but a Super Moon!! This Moon will be the closest it has been to earth since 1948! Today with the Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio, we have this important reworking, renewing, revamping energy floating around! The Full Moon is all about closure and completion, and the Sun in Scorpio which is all about transformation, intensity, getting to the root of things and really changing things on a fundamental level. The contrast between earthy, grounded, practical Taurus and the crisis, dark and intense Scorpion energy comes to full blossom today and most of us will continue to feel this intense transformational energy on a practical and personal level.

To read more about this Super Moon and how it may affect you and how you can use its energy click here to read my article  November Super Moon 2016.


Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

November Super Moon 2016

On Monday 14/11/16 we will get a chance to experience a once in a lifetime (or maybe twice for some of us) event. Sure most of us have witnessed amazing Moons and Super Moons but next week the Full Moon will be the closet to Earth than any other since 1948! This Full Moon in Taurus is known as “perigree moon” It’s a fancy scientific term for ” The Moons closet point to Earth on its orbit”  but for us mere Moon Children it means the Moon is going to extra bright, extra-large and more jaw dropping than ever!

Whilst Super Moons have been shown to affect the tides, it also has the power to affect us humans here on Earth ( no surprise as we are made up of 70% water). Super Moons are supercharged and have the profound ability to amplify our emotional, physical and mental state! Our energetic bodies are effected differently all depending on your own individual astrological charts. Full Moons have the power to heighten our energy and emotions, amplify our intuition, disrupt our normal sleep patterns (either over sleeping or not at all).

So what else does this mean ? Expect synchronicities, lucid dreams, ecstatic irrational emotional burst, sensitivity to the energy of people, places and animals.

Traditionally Full Moons are a time for releasing ,they are a time for closure, for letting go of what no longer serves a purpose your life, Full Moons are a time for finales. Take a look back over the last month or so.. is there something or someone who needs healing and letting go of? Change is certain, things pass away and new things come into existence.

This amazing Supermoon in Taurus will be very positive and practical! This Full Moon will provide us with an understanding of the physical and practical side of your life, like your career , health, relationships, money and the everyday day things that we all experience . This Supermoon provides us with a great insight into these areas of our lives and we can align our energy too really experience change!

Taurus is the most practical earth sign of the zodiac. It’s the bull, and the bull energy is interested in maintaining the status quo, security, is a much grounded energy. Taurus admires and adores beautiful things, luxury, money and well good food and eating. Taurus love connection with other people along with  physical health, and well all of the things that involve planet earth. With the illumination of the Supermoon these Taurus qualities will be shining down onto us.

If anything in your life to do with those areas that you are not satisfied with, this  is the time for change! Use this powerful energy for closure, resolve the issues that are outstanding, get busy, get practical, sort things out! Do the work and get things sorted.Work on the mundane things of life that can bring you inner peace, joy and satisfactions, making your life for the better.

Is your personal relationships suffering in any way? Discus the practical circumstances of your relationship , what needs to be worked out? talk it out and be ready to accept the terms that you both agree on.

With your physical health, look inwards, what isn’t working for you?? Get in line with your body, listen to your body, what is it saying? what are you putting into your body that (much to your dismay) is not agreeing with you? It is the time for change! Cut those carbs, start eating breakfast, get up and walk on your lunch break , small changes can have the biggest impact!

If you are feeling up in the air with this intense energy floating around, the best way to balance is to ground yourself. This can achieved by walking bare foot on the ground, put your feet in the sand, take a hike in nature, swim in the ocean or  in a lake. If you are into connecting with Crystals hold them, surround yourself , meditate, find what helps sooth and ground you and work with that.

Hope you survive and get some amazing photos of this spectacular Super Moon.

Andy Jackman xx

Friday 11/11/16

Friday, 11th November 2016

The Gibbous Moon is in Aries.

Venus in Capricorn

The Aires Moon sextiles Mars in Aquarius.


The Gibbous Moon is in Aries, and we are ready to get something started! Action and confidence is the energy we need to channel with the Full Moon approaching, it’s time for stamina. Don’t give up. Over the next few days it would be a great time to go over and review your plans, go over what is and isn’t working in your life, review, re – think and re – do , what has run out of steam? Time to get rid of those things that no longer work to make room for what is.

Venus moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. We shift from freedom to commitment. When Venus in Capricorn, we value grounded stability, commitment and loyalty. Venus/Capricorn cycle is about working things out, making plans and sticking things out. We are more cautious with our emotions and feelings. We have the courage to work on the practical issues in our relationships. A dose of realism in our personal lives can go along way, it has the ability to help us to feel more grounded and secure in the long run.

The Aires Moon sextiles Mars in Aquarius. Today you will feel energised and compelled to take action! You will be galvanized to work in areas of your life that you actually care about.  This week you have looked at whats going on around you , weighed up were you are happy and you are not happy and you feel that you know how you can contribute more and strengthen this areas. You are driven, and happy to make a contribution towards those areas. Taking ideas and making them happen is the theme today, your perceptions have the ability to drive you into performing.. what do you care about? animals? charity? helping others? surprising loved ones? self-improvement? Today helping others will come easy and life just clicks into place.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Thursday 10/11/16

Thursday November 10th, 2016

Moon in Pisces  trine aspect the Sun in  Scorpio Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.

Venus in Sagittarius.

Today you will be left like the penny really drops internally, you will start to realize how you really feel about a situation, regardless of what others are truly saying , and you will really look at how things are moving forward. Today is about getting in touch with how things really feel, your feeling will be cemented, and the outcome will either be really good.. or really bad!

The intuitive Moon in Pisces forms a harmonizes trine aspect to the Sun in Scorpio Sun and Mercury in Scorpio today. Our instincts and power of perception are heightened, we become and feel more empathy and we have inner harmony and balance. The Sun and Moon are in harmony today and so are we in the way we express our self, we become genuine. The Moon continues to transit Pisces before entering assertive Aries later tonight. When the Moon is in Aries our pioneering impulses are strong, we get burst of high intense energy ,we become spontaneous, and enthusiastic. The shadow side of an Aries Moon is that we may also be tactless and impulsive.Be careful not to embody an attitude of arrogance.

The Moon squares lovely Venus in Sagittarius later today.Venus in Sagittarius energy is one of flirtation,adventure and being very very friendly. When Venus is in Sagittarius its all about having a good time, being open-minded, and out to experience everything new in relationships. Be open to trying something new tonight, whether it’s a new outfit, restaurant, or fan date.. mix it up and I think you will be very surprised! This aspect can also make us  not understand the implications of certain relationships, but you  have the power to move forward into a new state of relief or acceptance.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

Wednesday 9/11/16

Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

The Moon is in Pisces.

The Moon in Pisces aligns with Neptune in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Moon is in Pisces. When the Moon is in this watery, dreamy, romantic sign we feel more in tune and intuitive,soul mates can appear, or reunite or problems melt away and forgiveness is strong. But on the other hand we can be left feeling confused, addictions may surface, self-pity and the feeling of being lost can be felt strong today. Today find the balance, medicate, retreat and watch your words if you feel like emotions are brewing, it is a Super Moon week the energies are building up and things are getting intense.

The Moon in Pisces aligns with Neptune in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Dreams are being made, forecast are being acknowledged, today will be a day were we will express our onion and be very noisy. We will feel strong about options and dreams. You may experience the feeling of frustration and exhaustion but with the Sun in Scorpio you will get that much-needed  fiery energy  to keep going.

Mars is in the sign of Aquarius  where it will transit until December 19th. Dynamic, warrior like, strong energy levels will be felt, we may approach our goals and problems with unconventional methods, we are detached , intellectual, revolutionary and righteousness in regards to the underdog  and humanitarian issues.Put your energy into humanitarian goals  today  rather than personal ones.

Happy Wednesday

Andy Jackman xx

Tuesday 8/11/16

Tuesday November 8th, 2016.

First Quarter Moon in Pisces.

Mars enters Aquarius.

The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 4:46 PM EST, when it enters First Quarter Moon in Pisces. This Luna phase is all about, challenges, decisions and action. What actions do you feel compelled to take? what itch needs to be scratched internally to move forward with your dreams?

This Morning with the Moon in Aquarius and we may tend to move away from those things that are traditional or classic to an out of ordinary way of thinking, acting and being. New sparks of creativity will fly and we have an individual way of persevering the environment around us. By this afternoon when the Moon moves into Pisces, the energy is more forward, eelusive, we are susceptible,stimulating, sensitive, and perhaps some become somewhat of an escapist.You may be tempted to spend the evening hibernating in your home, enjoying a glass of red wine or simply retreating and mediating, looking inwards and finding answers.

Mars goes into Aquarius today. Mars is the planet of drive and desire, it’s about moving forward. Aquarius is the sign that loves humanitarian work, doing things for the greater good, so the fact that we have this personal driven energy and progress in the sign of Aquarius leaves us feeling really good. We have a sense that” yes everything is going to work out in the end”. Today will be an emotional day but with Mars in Aquarius things are going to move in a surprising good direction and things will work out well for everyone. Today is about being of service and having faith.  Offer kindness and rich compassion to yourself and all you encounter. Mars in Aquarius can be wild, outside of the box and very visionary.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx