Weekend adventures Australia.

Fingal Bay Australia Surf Weekend 19/2/2017.


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You Smell Like Love xx



Two 9ft Plus long boards and he still needs to bring a short one…. Boys!


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Pictures by Me Andy J xx

Photos of Super Moon in Australia 2016

Fairy Floss skies across Surfers Paradise  Queensland Australia!


Photos taken by me last night 14/11/16 could not of asked for a better night! Life is magical xx

Andy Jackman

Wednesday 16/11/16

Wednesday 16th November,2016

The Moon is in Gemini it makes connections with Chiron, Uranus the Sun in Scorpio

Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus

Wednesday there is a lot going on. The Moon is in Gemini it makes connections with Chiron, Uranus the Sun in Scorpio and expect some information curve ball today, for example you get some information in and it changes the game , and you are going to have to deal with it! IT will be unexpected and very powerful and has the potential to alter things.. we will hear something  whether its your  personally or all of us its going to be something that decently throws a spanner in the mix  and is a game changer.

Today begins with the excitement of the Moon in Gemini. The Moon in  Gemini’s make’s us chatty, witty, logical and great at communication. Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus today which on the bright side can produce sparks of insight but on the darker side it can leave us feeling scatter brained. Today could leave us over thinking, sarcastic, irritable and have sudden negative outburst of anger.. so do yourself a favor, focus on the new creative ideas that come to you, and count to 3 before you unleashed unwanted frustrations out on anyone, this especially  implies to yourself, as the only person you are truly frustrated at is your self.

Take time and bring yourself back down to earth. We are still in full swing of the Full Moon energy , and all we all know or have seen all emotions whether good or bad are brought to the surface,  maybe take some time out,  ground yourself especially if your energy is up in the air. But please do don’t push down  any emotion, haunting issue, hurt and frustration its  better for us to deal with them in a healthy way… like talk to someone you trust, eat ice cream, walk along the beach, sit in nature , pat an animal, take a nap.

Mars semi squares with Chiron. This square can point to increased sensitivity, to what we might feel are criticisms, friendly feedback or blows to the ego. Don’t take them to heart just remember people are feeling just like you today.

If you haven’t read my blog about the Supermoon and how the energy affects us along with how to ground yourself click here November Super Moon 2016

Have a great day

Andrea Jackman xx



Picture by me off my balcony last night 14/11/16