Monday im in Love 19/06/2017

Monday, June 19, 2017.

The Moon leaves Aires and enters Taurus.

Venus quincunx Jupiter.

The Key words for this week is LOVE ,passion excitement, quality time with loved ones, family and friends. Connection and romance.

This morning,some of you ( I know i did) will awake with plenty of ‘get-up and go’! You will want to move forward and get things done without wasting time this is due to the Moon transitioning out of Aires, and into Taurus this afternoon.

The Moon moves into Taurus later today. When the Moon enters Taurus, it offers an evening of indulging your senses.  Enjoy good food, spend the evening in nature. As we all know Taurus is the most earth sign of the zodiac, its ruled by beautiful Venus who is all about beauty, love and abundance. Venus itself is still in Taurus, and it quincunxs or forms a relationship with Jupiter in Libra today. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion, and lucky for us it’s sitting in is home sign of Libra who is all about harmony and relationships…. So can you see the dots I am about to connect. Venus the goddess of love and beauty, sensuality and physicality will be expanded by Jupiter influence. However this Venus quincunx Jupiter means we can have a hard time deciding what we want, finding a balance especially between our egocentric self, the amount of  involvement we are willing to invest and reliability and most o all being to selfish.

Today is a positive start to the week, you are grounded, and comfortable with yourself , happy to be in your own skin, you are willing to work and to use the Taurus practical energy to get things done. If you are willing to open up to this energy you are likely to if you are single, you may have a chance to meet someone so keep your eyes and ears open. The rest of us in relationship, what a great day to make your love one dinner, take them on an adventure and mix it up! Play on your naughty side you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s a great time to strengthen your bond and connection. Don’t forget your family this is also a great time to catch up and hang out.  There is a huge potential for new love, romance and adventure today.

Happy Monday!

Andy J x

Weekend adventures Australia.

Fingal Bay Australia Surf Weekend 19/2/2017.


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You Smell Like Love xx



Two 9ft Plus long boards and he still needs to bring a short one…. Boys!


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Pictures by Me Andy J xx

Wednesday 7/12/16

Wednesday December 7th, 2016.

Venus enters Aquarius.

Mercury semi-square Mars.

Quarter Moon in Pisces.

The First quarter Moon of the month!If you are not sure about what a “Quarter Moon entails” it basically means when the sun forms a square with the moon and that the Moon is halfway to being a Full Moon , this period is usually a build up and anticipation of energies

The Quarter Moon is in Pisces. This Moon trines the Sun in Sagittarius. We should be asking our self what are my hopes and dreams and how can i achieve them? Write a list , meditate on the question, even if you visualise yourself in 3 months, a year or the next 5 years. Consider what seed or intention you planted at the New Moon last Wednesday and take action to move that desire and intention forward.

Today  lovely Venus enters rebellious Aquarius, this will transit in this sign until January the 5th 2017.We will feel a shift from earth to air, body to mind, will move from being grounded to a sense of freedom. When Venus is in Aquarius we feel a sense of freedom and Independence!  Being friends as well as lovers is important to us during this cycle. When Venus was in Capricorn we valued different aspects of our relationships such as being grounded, serious and reliable now with Venus in Aquarius unconventional and alternative methods are more appealing to us. Venus in Aquarius connects on the level of the mind. This to us means a stronger friendships in relationships . So in the coming weeks be open, be receptive and be willing to try new things! Think outside the box in all areas that Venus rules over including relationships, money , love and self-worth!

Today with semi-square between Mercury and Mars our communications with others and our own ideas may be impatient, insensitive and we may feel very rushed! We may feel that we are inclined to be snappy and irritable. Working under this influence can leave us feeling stressed and ready to explode, find a healthy outlet for your frustrations and angry today Don’t feel as if you  are under pressure today, remember the influences that are affecting you before you blow up at someone who may not of deserved it!  We may too quickly interrupt others rather than listen causing a conflict of interest, don’t let this be your downfall.

Have a great day

Andy J xx