Thursday 10/11/16

Thursday November 10th, 2016

Moon in Pisces  trine aspect the Sun in  Scorpio Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.

Venus in Sagittarius.

Today you will be left like the penny really drops internally, you will start to realize how you really feel about a situation, regardless of what others are truly saying , and you will really look at how things are moving forward. Today is about getting in touch with how things really feel, your feeling will be cemented, and the outcome will either be really good.. or really bad!

The intuitive Moon in Pisces forms a harmonizes trine aspect to the Sun in Scorpio Sun and Mercury in Scorpio today. Our instincts and power of perception are heightened, we become and feel more empathy and we have inner harmony and balance. The Sun and Moon are in harmony today and so are we in the way we express our self, we become genuine. The Moon continues to transit Pisces before entering assertive Aries later tonight. When the Moon is in Aries our pioneering impulses are strong, we get burst of high intense energy ,we become spontaneous, and enthusiastic. The shadow side of an Aries Moon is that we may also be tactless and impulsive.Be careful not to embody an attitude of arrogance.

The Moon squares lovely Venus in Sagittarius later today.Venus in Sagittarius energy is one of flirtation,adventure and being very very friendly. When Venus is in Sagittarius its all about having a good time, being open-minded, and out to experience everything new in relationships. Be open to trying something new tonight, whether it’s a new outfit, restaurant, or fan date.. mix it up and I think you will be very surprised! This aspect can also make us  not understand the implications of certain relationships, but you  have the power to move forward into a new state of relief or acceptance.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

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