Tuesday 8/11/16

Tuesday November 8th, 2016.

First Quarter Moon in Pisces.

Mars enters Aquarius.

The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 4:46 PM EST, when it enters First Quarter Moon in Pisces. This Luna phase is all about, challenges, decisions and action. What actions do you feel compelled to take? what itch needs to be scratched internally to move forward with your dreams?

This Morning with the Moon in Aquarius and we may tend to move away from those things that are traditional or classic to an out of ordinary way of thinking, acting and being. New sparks of creativity will fly and we have an individual way of persevering the environment around us. By this afternoon when the Moon moves into Pisces, the energy is more forward, eelusive, we are susceptible,stimulating, sensitive, and perhaps some become somewhat of an escapist.You may be tempted to spend the evening hibernating in your home, enjoying a glass of red wine or simply retreating and mediating, looking inwards and finding answers.

Mars goes into Aquarius today. Mars is the planet of drive and desire, it’s about moving forward. Aquarius is the sign that loves humanitarian work, doing things for the greater good, so the fact that we have this personal driven energy and progress in the sign of Aquarius leaves us feeling really good. We have a sense that” yes everything is going to work out in the end”. Today will be an emotional day but with Mars in Aquarius things are going to move in a surprising good direction and things will work out well for everyone. Today is about being of service and having faith.  Offer kindness and rich compassion to yourself and all you encounter. Mars in Aquarius can be wild, outside of the box and very visionary.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

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