This is a No Rush day! 21/3/2018.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Crescent Moon in Taurus.

The Moon in Taurus opposes Jupiter.

Today the Moon is still in steadfast grounded Taurus. The Moon and Taurus go really well together.They are both creatures of comfort and habit! Today allows your heart to embrace the excitement and pleasure of the finer things in life, such as food, relaxing, entertainment, treating yourself to the naughtier things in life or by simply enjoying all the beauty that is all around you. Sensual pleasures and activities along those lines appeal now more than usual, as Taurus is ruled by Venus who is all about love! Taurus is a fixed, Earth sign that represents being grounded, reliability, growth and appreciation. A lesson we could learn today is patience, acceptance and to bring beauty into our lives. Such as buying some fresh flowers for the house or a scented candle or some art. We could be kinder to yourself and others, give someone the benefit of the doubt or treat yourself to a massage.

The Moon in Taurus opposes Jupiter. Jupiter is the lucky planet of expansion and abundance but when these to opposes each other we’re tempted to go overboard on any activity that is taking our fancy., especially if it is to combat boredom. Taurus as I have mention is ruled by Venus who is also about money and finances and with Jupiter in play we may go over board on our spending! So watch your wallet today and watch yourself overindulging especially if you are trying to watch your weight as over eating and drinking is a major possibility today!

Also, remember guys tomorrow Mercury stations retrograde in fiery Aires until April 15th. If you have noticed  communication breakdowns, travel plans muddled up and technology mishaps have been occurring this week it is because we are leading up to Mercury retrograde. Our communication and thought process could get a tad feisty, egotistic and forceful more than normal during this period. A good way to keep your mind clear is to prepare and choose your battles wisely ! Start a list of all projects or anything else that needs to be done or has been left undone over the past few months, ponder on them and don’t relaunch them until this period of Mercury Retrograde is over! Don’t sign any official documents  unless its necessary! Consider yourself warned!


Have a great day!

Andy J x




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