Monday 24/10/16

Monday 24th October, 2016.

Moon in Leo.

Venus squares with Uranus.

Sun in Scorpio.

Mercury in Scorpio.

Brace yourself for this week. The energy is a little intense!! It’s the kind of energy you would expect leading up to Halloween, its dark, intense and tough. Metaphorically the witches are flying around cackling.

Today Mercury the communication planet moves into Scorpio. Immediately  we can see communication becoming more wild ,prickly and sarcastic. People seem to be venting their resentments and anger. People come across nasty and may say things they don’t mean, so today if you come across anyone with a sharp tongue or who is a little narky or unpleasant give that person the benefit of the doubt! Just remember with this new energy around they are doing the best they can! We are all being effected by it and sometimes the darker ego side bubbles over and comes to surface! What you put out you get back remember this if you feel tempers or agitation boiling over. Being direct, and dry in our humor can come across as hurtful and also so try to not give it too much depth and meaning to communication breakdowns and misunderstandings.

Mercury in Scorpio is deep… very deep, psychological and seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover!  Communications can be intense and powerful in the coming weeks. It’s in Scorpio that we find our shadow side and Scorpio’s energy helps us to understand life’s mysteries (as taboo as they get in some cases ). We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence . Mercury in Scorpio instinctively knows that life simply isn’t fair but it forces us to not shy away things that would normally intimidate us and to face them head on. We may pass over superficial manners of communicating during this period for deep conversations. Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound,and very analytical.

The Moon is in Leo until very late tonight. this is great if we tune into our playful, creative fun-loving side with this influence.

Venus forms a dynamic aspect to Uranus. This aspects tends to make us favor a certain planet and its traits. Uranus seems to win this battle and it leaves us rebelling and rejecting what Venus stands for love, partnership and romance .. We can be left feeling restless, wanting to mix it up and change our usual patterns in relationships, all for the pursuits of self pleasure!! Today some may want to rebel just for the sake of rebelling, we want to be emotional free and shy away from responsibility in our relationships!!

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx



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