Friday 21/10/16

Friday 21st October, 2016.

 The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn.

he Sun in Libra forms a semi-square to Saturn.

Today there is conflict between our emotional side of life, the fun, romantic, bubbly side and the hardcore, driven , intense desire to succeed. The conflict between these two reaches its highest point of this week . Today we will find our self questioning am i being silly enough? am i having more than enough fun? am i successful? am i achieving enough? The uneasy feeling you get going back and forth between these two mind sets really becomes strong today. It has the potential to make us frustrated, angry , even chucking a hissy  fit could be on the cards for some. As the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn . We have this masculine energy sign in these two planets sitting on one side of the chart and way on the other side we see the Moon in a water sign saying hello i want to feel things, i want to connect, be romantic and have fun!! However there is no coming to meet in the middle for these planets, they are polar opposites and that is how we will feel today.

Very early today, the Sun in Libra forms a semi-square to Saturn. This aspect leaves us feeling that the glass is half empty by the afternoon,  we feel there is too many blocks and obstacles in our way to move forward and with the Moon in protective Cancer it only makes us want to retreat or withdraw. We are inclined to stay in safety of our home or in the company of family and loved ones.

Have a great day and an amazing weekend

Andy Jackman xx


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