Wednesday 21/9/16

September 21st, 2016

Moon in Gemini

Saturn squaring Neptune

The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until it enters Gemini early this morning. The Gemini Moon is known to stimulate our curiosity, it also challenges us to connect, interact and learn about our self and with others… We all know how sociable Gemini’s can be sociable so if you are in the mood catch up with friends or have a dinner party . This Gemini Moon is fun, light-hearted and easy breezy, but remember its shadow side or the yin to the yang twin energy it can also leave us feeling restless, moody , fickle and isolated.

The Moon is in an opposition to Saturn who is forming a square to Neptune this afternoon. Ups and downs between fact and fiction’s could arise as we wrestle to discern between them both.

With Mercury moving to a direct 14’49 Virgo station early tomorrow, Now is the time to time to rethink, review and revise those Virgo energies such as our health and well-being, work and service. We should be particularly vigilant with our communications this week as we are still feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Others things we should be reworking and organizing are the organization and efficiency of our daily life, routines and habits

Be warned guys…with Mercury stationing today we are not out of the clear yet, so be aware that travel, technology and communications still can be askew. It’s not time to take purposeful action just yet, you have been patience.

Have a great day everyone

Andy Jackman xx


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