Tuesday 20/9/16

Tuesday September 20th, 2016

Venus forms a semi-square Saturn

Mercury forms a trine to Pluto

 Mercury Retrograde in Virgo sextiles Juno in Scorpio

Moon in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde will turn direct this week on the 22nd, YAY to anyone who has been affected by this planetary turnaround. Mercury forming a trine with Pluto makes this  a powerful time for looking both in front of us and behind us to gain a deeper understanding of a matters that may have been playing on our minds, we could gain new insights that finally allows us to see the truth of situations that previously we may not have been able to understand This Mercury trine to Pluto will also boost our ability to concentrate and strategize.

Venus will forms a semi-square with Saturn which leaves us feeling like there is some tension in the air. Some of us may feel out of balance, anxious or uneasy with issues concerned with relationships, feelings, money and love.

As the Moon in Taurus moves through her disseminating phase and before she moves into Gemini tomorrow , it’s a time to think back over the past few weeks what do you need to let go of?  What have you been through? Has there been drama or conflict? If so, now is the time to heal!

Mercury Retrograde sextiles Juno in Scorpio making communication and information clear, allowing you to have great insights especially in regards to relationships and how we perceive our self and others. This week we will get opportunities  to get to the root and truth of situations if we are willing and able to shine light and accept the shadow parts of our self, our world and others.

Hope you have a great day


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