Thursday 22/9/16

September 22nd, 2016

Sun moves in Libra

Mercury goes direct

Moon in Gemini

Mercury stops turning retrograde today and begins to go direct. If you like me have been feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde you will be happy to know all your problems with communications, plans, upsets with technology, work  and decision making should start to improve.

The Moon is in Gemini all day and the Sun moves into the sign of Libra, with all this planetary movement we might be flooded with mixed energies, feelings, impulses and thoughts that may be hard to make sense of as all these changes take place. So today don’t over think, over react and try to avoid critical decision making as our thought process is a tad skewed.

The Sun enters Libra today, where it will transit until October 22nd.Marking the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere and the Fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. Libra the sign of the scales, the ruler of relationships, balance, peace and sociability but be warned the shadow side of this lovely sign is indecisive  passive-aggressive, and superficial.


Have a great Day

Andy Jackman x


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