Thursday 8/9/16

Thursday September 8

The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon will square with Neptune in Pisces and align with Saturn in Sagittarius

The  Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius all day. When the Moon and Sagittarius meet it can   stimulate a desire for more than ordinary daily experiences. We become more upbeat and are attracted to new situations of conquest. We clear away the cobwebs and search for adventure. Tired of the mundane lifestyle,we will require less prompting to lash out and break our normal routine, experiencing life in a fun new way is appealing now.

The Moon will square with Neptune in Pisces and align with Saturn in Sagittarius. This can make people susceptible to moaning and become irritable, as we may be wrestling with practicality and imagination and trying to find balance in our expectations. Saturn may be hovering over the Moon today whispering the potential hazards of her new-found spark for adventures, but remember Saturn  doesn’t really want to stop you going on an adventure. Saturn energy is reminding you to check the details, check your reasons before launching into the unknown. Today is a great day  to mingle with others and enjoy ourselves in the process.

Today  we will find our intuitive messages will be strong and very spot on. This will motivate us to take practical action and help us build more positive harmonious loving life . With Neptune the dreamy planet inspiring us  we are looking at our futures, looking ahead, we are very intelligent in our future prosperity options. Today we will have a laser beam focus , very clear and sharp on what we want for our lives. So think about your future today, think about how you can bring in more love and harmony , how can you reduce drama and negativity.


Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx





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