Friday 9/9/16


Friday September 9

Jupiter moves in Libra

Moon in Sagittarius

The first quarter Moon is in the sign Sagittarius all day, encouraging spontaneous and care free approach to the day. The sun in Virgo forms a square with the Moon in Sagittarius. The Sage Moon wants us to be positive and adventures.

Today Jupiter charges into lovely Libra where it will remain for a month. Jupiter the planet of abundance, expansion will shift from Virgo an earth sign to Libra an air sign. Libra is all about love, balance and beauty. Jupiter in Libra will help us focus on growth of our personal relationships and strengthening our connections with others . Today be social, be fair, be loving and light-hearted!


Mercury in retrograde is quincunx Uranus today. This can make for intense, complicated and hasty unexpected communication ,thinking and incoming information.It may be a  little tricky getting a point across and we could  rub people the wrong way. Watch for impulsiveness and disorganization today, and try to not take anything to heart.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx





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