Set Some Goals

“Set some goals. Stay quiet about it. Smash them out, no matter how long it takes you. Stay humble & Clap yourself on your back ( any small or large achievements. Any milestone is a win). ” The right people will notice & well the rest ( small select few of haters) will ALWAYS, have something to whinge & critique you about..

Unhappy people are never happy within them selves and will always find something to pick at!! It’s a reflection of themselves not you.

So smile, say something nice to them…

Let whatever issue they have with you bounce straight off you. ( and internally giggle at the simple mentality).

My mum has taught me many things in life , one of the biggest lessons is ” Andy , people are going to love you or hate you & that’s not your problem… It’s theirs.

So the nicer you are ( generally nice) to someone who is rude, mean, negative or so called “Hates you” , be the bigger person , say something nice, smile at them, the more friendly & nicer you are the more angry , annoyed & frustrated they get… ( it’s a lot harder to be an arsehole to someone is who is completing you, because in the end they look rediculous) and the world does notice!

Your existence alone has altered the world. You are more important than you know.
So smile

Happy days xx

Written by Andy Jackman xx

Alkaline Vs Acidic Foods


If anyone reading this is like me and has over indulged over the past few weeks for the silly season and Christmas, you may be feeling (besides very guilty) bloated, lethargic and ” heavy”. Than its time to join me on a mini detox, to help with the sluggish metabolism and digestion. Now if you have been hearing all about this “ alkaline diet” in all the gossip mags, or possibly overheard girls in the tea room at lunch talking about this new “Fad diet” im going to give you a little run down on the basics and why its good for detoxing or making it a new permanent way of eating.

So, what’s the theory?

The theory is that the Ph balances within our body influences whether our bodies host a disease or helps fight off disease. A high acid diet can creates a breeding ground for disease, which can lead to poor health and chronic disease. If you, like me are gaining weight, craving carbs and sugar, wake up or frequently have a foggy brain than you are running too acidic.

The Run Down

This diet makes the body less susceptible to inflammation and disease whilst promoting increased energy, weight loss, stomach upsets indigestion and fights fatigue. It’s recommended that if you consume alkaline foods 80% of the time it can transform your life.

Acidic Vs Alkaline Foods

  • Foods that cause excess acidity include Meat, Dairy, Sugar, poultry, fish, eggs, grains, alcohol and flower ( All my favourite foods).
  • Alkaline foods consist of Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes , Nuts.

When talking about the alkaline diet, it is important to understand the meaning of the pH value. So as nurses ill give you a quick cheat sheet on what ph is. When talking about the alkaline diet, it is important to understand the meaning of the pH value. Put simply, the PH is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline something is. The pH value in the body ranges from 0 to 14

  • 0-7 is acidic. (Think of the acid in the stomach that brakes foods down)
  • 7 is neutral.
  • 7-14 is alkaline (your blood is more alkaline sitting around 7.35)

Now im keeping this simple because I am only taking on components if this diet to detox myself off the Christmas treats I have been scoffing down as of late. But if you want to read all about it and follow the diet down to a fine line here is a link to one of the many websites dedicated to this lifestyle choice Alkaline Diet

Examples of Alkalising Vegetables: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Peas, beans, sweet potato, Peppers, and Spinach, carrots and garlic.

Examples of Alkalising Fruits: Apple, Banana, Berries, rockmelon, Grapes, Melon, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear, Watermelon, pineapple and mango.

Alkalising Protein: Almonds, Chestnuts, cashews, and Tofu.

For an extensive list go to Alkaline – Acid food chart

Ready steady…. and juice

As of this week, im starting each morning with a smoothie made with fruits and veggies on the allowed list. Today I mixed up in my nutribullet, Blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, celery, pear, apple and carrot and let me tell you I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this earlier. It was so refreshing especially in this heat wave (Temperature already reaching 28o at 6 am) I couldn’t of started eating healthier at a better time.

Lunch time I had roasted sweat potato, garlic, carrot and broccoli

And for dinner I had zucchini pasta ( yes made with a red wine and garlic pasta sauce) with a side of cauliflower mash.

Its only been 3 days and I can tell you I already feel lighter, my stomach no longer looks like Uncle Francis beer gut and I found im getting my spring in my step. You don’t have to completely change your lifestyle, I still sit at star bucks before work each morning with my sugar free vanilla latte and read my book, but im choosing not to add my buttery raisin toast to add with it, and now I make a conscious choice when I grab for snacks also when I go food shopping.

However, you might want to consider some of these extra tips to get you back on track while detoxing.

Here we go….


Everything is influenced by the quantity of the water you drink. Getting adequately hydrated will make a huge difference to your health, immunity, energy and vitality. So gulp up, flush those Christmas puddings out! Aim for 6 to 14 cups a day, remember not to overdo it, listen to your body and never force it!


Take it slowly! It is far better to transition and get there slowly, by sticking to it for the long-term rather than being perfect for a day or two and then crashing (which is what I normally do eek)


Supplements are another effective way to assist your body in returning to its healthful state, Supplements are great at replacing lost nutrients with vitamins and minerals to give your immune system a boost.

So good luck and happy detoxing, if you have any handy tips or ideas please comment below.

By Andy Jackman x

Things Happy people do.

Things happy people do in the morning

They wake up early.

Waking when the sun rises gives you the opportunity to be more productive and to be more organised, it also reduces stress levels. When you start the day by running around at the last minute trying to get ready it sets a bad vibe and tone for your day ahead.

They express gratitude.

Before your feet hit the ground in the mornings, be thankful, be thankful you are alive and that you have another day to spend on this magnificent planet, be thankful for the air you breathe be thankful you have a body that works. And remember not everyone got to wake up as blessed as you and with such  blessings that we often take for granted. Happy people wake up with a grateful mindset, each and every morning. “Each morning I write in a journal dedicated to being grateful, I write 10 things I am grateful for and how they make me feel, such as I’m grateful for my home and the safety and comfort it provides me, I am grateful that I have a job that pays me more than enough, I am grateful that  I can pay my bills on time, I am grateful that my body is pain free and healthy today, I am grateful for my family and their health and wellbeing.”  As you can see there is many things to be grateful for.

They exercise.

Exercise boosts happiness, by promoting happy chemicals to be released from the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. These chemicals are known to buffer the effects of stress and can relieve symptoms of depression. Exercise also keeps our waist lines in check and helps reduce the chances of chronic health diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In today’s busy lifestyle most people work late and have less time to exercise after work, so the best time is in the morning when you have the energy and the motivation.  “I ride my bike to work because it creates a stress-free time and the only time I really get to exercise and enjoy it in my day, working long hours as a nurse I make the effort and get up early, instead of tramming it to work I ride my bike or walk, its great I can listen to an audiobook or my favourite music. I actually get my best ideas on my bike.”

They have breakfast.

Happy healthy people know that this is one of the most important meals of the day.  It kick starts your metabolism and provides you with all the essential energy, nutrients and minerals you are going to need for the day. The key is to plan a good breakfast the night before. You will be able to get some of the things ready so you can save time when you are under pressure during your morning schedule.

They Set daily goals.

Happy people write a list of goals that want to achieve for the day, they also   prioritize what they have to get done, it’s important to get the most difficult task done first as you have fresh train of thought. It’s also a rewarding feeling be able to tick listed tasks off.

Start fresh.

Each morning happy people forgive themselves and others for any mistakes and wrong doings in the past. Happy people move forward and choose to be happy, holding onto grudges and anger only lowers your vibrations and attracts more negative thinking and emotions.


Meditate or start your day with positive affirmations , by doing as simple of five minutes in the morning can change your thinking and help re program your mind to be more positive. Changing your mind set to happy thoughts help raise your vibrations, raising your vibrations helps you to manifest and creative more positive experience in your life.

They are organised.

Organising yourself the night before for the next day can reduce stress in the morning and reduce the chances of you running late. Your morning routine can set your mood for the day so you should ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. This also frees up time for you in sit and enjoy that morning cup of coffee.

See if you could just for one week change up your morning routine , notice how you appreciate the smalls things, and how your day has a different flow to it, and if some of the things listed are to impossible, just  adapt it to fit you .Even if you can adopt even a few of the changes you will notice how easier life becomes and much more happy you feel.

By Andy Jackman x