Archangel Raziel


Archangel Raziel

Angel Aura: His halo is a rainbow; His aura holds all colours of a rainbow similar to the sunlight that reflects through a quartz crystal

Crystal: Clear quartz    

Chakra Third Eye Chakra (Intuition)  

Raziel Dominant Qualities:

  • The Magician
  • The Wizard, He is similar to a wise, old wizard
  • Alchemist
  • Angel of mysteries
  • He turns knowledge into particle wisdom
  • Master of Sacred Geometry.
  • Master of Quantum physics.

Raziel is an archangel that has been written about in the teachings of Jewish Kabbalah. Hi is the archangel of the Chokmah, second Sephirah of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Raziel name means “ the secret of god” or the “Angel of Mysteries”. Archangel Raziel has been described as the head of the Thrones. He is believed to stay near to God and document everything that happens.

Raziel is the guardian and secret keeper of the universe and helps with spirituality and clairvoyance. Raziel can help you open up to higher levels of spirituality and physic abilities. Raziel increases your ability to hear, see, know and feel the divine. He is a master of alchemy, magic and manifestation. He is the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul.

Call on Archangel Raziel to increase  Claircognizance, which is your innate ability to know. Raziel can help remove blocks to your spiritual gifts. Call on Raziel to unlock your divine potential and abilities.

Archangel Raziel is said to have written the Book of Raziel. The mystical book of the Archangel Raziel, the Sefer Raziel, is considered to be one of the most important books on Jewish magic. The book is said to contain eternal knowledge of both heaven and earth. According to various traditions this important text was in the possession of, read or used by Adam, Enoch, Noah and Solomon. According to the Old Testament, the original Book of Angel Raziel ‘ Sefer Raziel’ was inscribed by Adam, the first human being. Legends also say the Book of Raziel was originally inscribed on a sapphire stone.

The Book of Raziel was written in a mysterious “language of angels” so obscure that even many of the angels could not understand it and its meaning could not be accessed today. If you wish to read this book, pray upon and ask Raziel for guidance on the interpretation. The book deals with astrology and its use in magic including precise interactions between planets, Signs, and Houses. It outlines the magical virtues of stones, herbs, and animals and the different heavens and their angels.

To deepen your spiritual understanding of esoteric concepts, call upon Raziel; since his messages are profound it is best to contact him in a quiet environment. Close your eyes, breath deeply and mentally say –

“Archangel Raziel please help me open my mind to the divine secrets of the universe. Please help me release any limitating beliefs or fears so that I may have spiritual understanding at the deepest and clearest level. Thank you Raziel for teaching me “

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel


Angel Aura: is whitish blue light, the light of the full moon                                         Crystal: is Moonstone                                                                                                                         Haniel dominant qualities: Nurturing, intuition, balance, and harmony, mysterious and feminine. Haniel radiates inner qualities outwardly like the full moon.

Arch angel Haniel means”the grace of God.” or “the joy of God” Other spellings include Hanael, Haneal, Hamael, Aniel, Anafiel,  Simiel.

Haniel is known as the angel of  joy, who appears in female form more often than in male form. She directs people who are searching for fulfillment to God  who is the source of all joy.

In the Kabbalah, Haniel presides over the Netzach Sephirah or Seventh Ray, This sphere is related to victory and represents our inner world of imagination, intuition, and emotions.

The Netzach Sephirah (Seventh Ray) is the embodiment of earthly love and marks the beginning of humanities expression, endurance and humans’ free will.

Haniel has been honored since the Babylonian era, this era seen the alignment of religion and astronomy.

Archangel Haniel can help you develop any aspect of sacred feminine energy as well as help you with women’s issues.

Archangel haniel illuminates the path for those wishing to develop their clairvoyance and spiritual gifts. Wearing moonstone can connect you closer to archangel haniel and amplify intuitive guidance and transmissions, you can also visualising her bluish white ray of light flooding into your aura like the light of the full moon to Chanel guidance and to strengthen your connection to her. It’s very effective to call upon Haniel during the full moon, especially if there’s anything you’d like to release or heal. Archangel Haniel encourages us to care for ourselves in every way and reminds us that we have a responsibility to ourselves to be healthy and balanced.

Haniel connects to us using vivid, recurring visions and/or dreams.

Archangel Haniel resonates with the energy of the Moon, and governs feminine power. Archangel Haniel is said to be the ‘Angel of Intuition’ and resonates with natural medicine and natural and ancient magic of healing. Archangel Haniel helps remind us of the wisdom and skills of our ancient ancestors, by guiding us to incorporate ancient wisdom into any healing practices, Archangel Haniel oversees healers with a strong focus on natural healers such as naturopaths, essence therapist, crystal healers and homeopaths.

Archangel haniel inspires and rules beauty, harmony, arts, friendship, peace and grace. She brings about inspiration into our lives, she teaches us about pleasers of life, synchronicity, duality, and oversees astronomy, astrology and spiritual healing, mythology and religions of all kinds. Archangel Haniel helps to uncover (or recover) the lost secrets of natural healing remedies such as crystals, powders and potions.

Haniel encourages us to live up to our full potential and assists with bringing forth hidden skills and talents to assist us on our life path and with our soul missions.

By Andy Jackman x