The pace picks up! 07/09/2017.

Thursday, September 7th, 2017.

The Full Moon enters Aires.

This morning the Moon heats things up as she enters assertive, action packed, head strong Aries. When the Moon leaves emotional, intuitive Pisces and enters Aires, our thoughts and energy shift from a state of dreaminess, passiveness, deep in thought and contemplation to a more upbeat, aggressive and bold energy. This is a day of high vitality and a fresh start as Aries begins to push us to take action, we look for what is working for us and move forward.

However, some may still be feeling the effects of the deeply emotional Full Moon we experienced last night. Watch out for sudden urges to be obnoxious, impulsiveness and arrogance. especially towards others that  may be feeling sensitive today. Remember the other side of the coin, now with the Moon entering into Aries, you may have the drive to act on your feelings that emerged over the past few day. You may feel impatient, edgy, and some may even feel angry. If this is you and something or someone rubs you the wrong way and touches you on an emotional level, look out for sudden burst and the need to act quickly on instincts, as this may back lashes later on in a negative way. This is a day to keep things simple and to keep yourself physically active! Go for a walk, take a nature hike, or go for a bike ride.

Happy Thursday!

Andy J xx

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