04/04/2017 Daily Grind.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017.

The Moon continues it transit of Cancer until it enters Leo tonight.

The Moon in Cancer forms a trine to Retrograde Venus.

Mars in Taurus quincunxes retrograde Jupiter in Libra.

The Moon continues its transit of tender, nurturing Cancer until it enters Leo later this afternoon. When the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer we’re focusing on our home or personal life more than usual! Maybe its a great time to rearrange the house , cook your loved ones a meal or tap into your inner child and do something fun and satisfying.

This caring Moon in Cancer forms a trine aspect to lovely retrograde Venus this afternoon, allowing us to really feel a loving connection, to you, others, mother nature and an appreciation of life and the beauty in the world. It can also can point to nostalgic feelings and we get comfort from our affections and actions based on love. Today take a break from your work and head outside even for a moment; look at the sky and experience expansive beauty, or appreciate someone by sending a random, lovely text to that friend or loved one.

The Moon than moves into Leo later tonight. This Leo Moon than squares Mercury in Taurus. So again its great energy, it gives us a sense of drive and its wonderful day to continue the theme of spending time with friends and loved ones. The Leo Moon is great at opening the evening for playful, pleasurable and creative fun.

Mars in Taurus quincunxes retrograde Jupiter in Libra.This can leave us feeling some tension and friction between Mars the warrior planet and what drives us and the planet of expansion and luck, but remembering that Jupiter has a way of exacerbating  and over dong it . This Mars/Jupiter energy has an immediacy to ACT NOW! Try and remember that patience and some insight into anything we get impulsive or reactive to today will work in your favor! Circumstances are such that we may need to access where we’ve been putting too much or too little of our energy. Mars in Taurus lucky enough likes to find and cultivate this patience and foresight before taking action.Just a heads up Poor timing is possible today.

Have a great Tuesday!

Andy J x

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