Thursday 15/9/16


Thursday 15th September

Moon in Pisces

Virgo quincunxes Uranus in Aries.

Mars & Chiron square

Today’s  energies are complicated. Themes of wounding and healing are present today as the desire to grow and learn is strong. We feel an urge to expand through experiences and others today. An oppositional energy between the conscious self and our ego self exist today with the Moon in Pisces. Today  we will have an opportunity to dive deep into emotional wounds and get to the Source and root of them.

With a Mars-Chiron square today some of us can find it challenging to express our inner desires,  bringing up wounds of the past and with fiery Mars some may find it difficult to express anger clearly and directly. Some of us today can become defensive, frustrated, touchy and somewhat resentful!

Virgo quincunxes Uranus in Aries.This can have a surprise element bringing a wild card energy to the day! This can leave some of us feeling a little out of control.The shake up and wake up calls of the day may leave us feeling like we are in the wrong direction.

With a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces occurring tomorrow, emotions are building. This is not a good time for objective reasoning just go with the flow and don’t take things to heart! Full Moons are a time when we release things that no longer serve us, it is an emotional and intense time, a time for romance and relationships.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ask us to look more closely at our life, at our needs, lacks, and wants.

Major energy shifts are happening today and over the next few days each of us will experience individual shifts on a conscious and subconscious level.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx


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