Full Moon in Aquarius 18/8/16

18th August 2016

Tonight the  Full Moon occurs a at 25° in Aquarius

the Moon sextile Uranus  and Quincunx Jupiter.

This planetary aspect creates what is called a YOD. A Yod or sometimes also known as” the Finger Of God” is a rare astrological aspect  involving three planets that will form a long triangle pattern. The finger is pointing directly at Jupiter and has the Moon sextile Uranus at the base. A Yod historically signifies a special karmic mission, it has the energy of destiny or fate that it requires you to complete in order for your soul to evolve.

With the Finger of God pointing to Jupiter, the planet of luck  our good fortune is connected with faith. Faith in our self, in the new opportunities that we create or that have been presented to us. Faith that we walk into the future blind, but knowing that all our needs are met and that if we leap we will land exactly where we were meant to be. We must have the courage to believe in our self and our new path.Self doubt and NOT believing in yourself could cause you to strike out, remember the Yod is about karmic lessons so lets not come back on repeat.

Uranus is the key to resolving this opposition, it is an invitation for us to shatter old patterns and brings about emotional freedom.The Full Moon illuminates the rebellious side of you and gives you the courage to exploring possibilities it also brings out a revolutionary freedom that liberates you.

With Jupiter there is always the danger of going over the top and over doing things, combined  with the Uranus/Moon sextile aspect our new-found courage can often  provoke fear, anxiety and self-criticism hindering our soul progression.

 The Full Moon in Aquarius is progressive, creative and truth-seeking. It will do you good to purge and release things from your life that no longer serve your higher self. Tonight write a list of things that are no longer working for you or that may be holding you back, and safely under the moon burn the list and release what no longer serves you.

Repeat after me  Change can be a good thing.

The mission of this month’s lunar eclipse/ Yod is for us to take the new discoveries  and exciting changes in your life and turn them into optimistic plans for a brighter future.

Don’t let self-doubt and fear slow your progress.


Happy Full Moon

Andy Jackman xx

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