Full moon in Leo 

Sunday, January 24 2016

“Full Moon in Leo”

Full Moon in Leo: The Full Moon in Leo takes place today, so don’t be surprised if emotions are running high. Leo is already the Drama Queen sign of the zodiac, and the Full Moon, of course, sees feelings running high.

Today’s oracle card.

Eight Of Gabriel

“A great deal of activity. Sudden and immediate results. Important communication.”

“Suddenly things are moving at a very fast pace! All delays are over, and now the sky’s the limit! It may be a little overwhelming, but it also feels good to see your plans moving forward. It could feel as though there are too many things going on at once, so it will be necessary to stay grounded. It’s important that things don’t spin out of control.

New information or messages come your way. It’s a good time to promote yourself or your business. Communication is accurately received by all parties right now.

“Buckle your seatbelt, because things are going to start moving at a very fast rate for you.  Blocks are lifted, and like a racehorse out of the gate, you will find yourself very busy . . . in a good way, such as getting lots of work in your chosen profession.

Do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed, because this is what you have prayed for. Instead of coming to you in the small increments, the floodgates of answered prayers have opened all at once.

Pace yourself, and don’t get into time urgency or lack mentality. Stay positive, affirm that you have plenty of time, and know that your resources and supplies will appear as you need them.”

Have a great day,

Andy Jackman x

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