Weekly Review…

25th to 31st January 2016

Last week of January… This year is flying by before my eyes.

Wow lots of energy swirling around this week, Mercury is coming out of retrograde, and this week and for the rest of the month we will see in our skies Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are visible with the naked eye here on earth and will appear in a line on the horizon to the moon. This week’s energy sees a battle between our minds and our hearts “ Logic Vs Emotions. Mercury is coming out of retrograde this week, which see’s communication slowly return to back to normal. As this planet slowly starts spinning in the right direction so should your communication. In addition watch how you communicate this week, don’t be aggressive or assertive and try a softer, more sensitive approach. The start of the week sees new ideas, new opportunities coming to you. Prosperity and your manifestation requests are coming into place this week so keep up all the good positive work you have been doing to create more abundance in your life. If you have had any new ideas about starting a new project, hobby or a new direction for your life purpose you are about to prosper. If you are feeling like you need a life review, this is the week to really sit down and figure out what you want, what direction do you want to see yourself going this year?

Monday to Tuesday, whilst reflecting and reviewing your life and what makes you happy, have a pamper session, get back to yourself and do what makes you feel like… Well.. Like you, get a massage, your nails or hair done, have a bath with sea salt, cleanse your energy and aura of all the intense energy that you have collected since the new year.

As we get into the mid week we must allow ourselves more time before we leap into any major or minor decision, take it step by step, review all the facts make a list of pro’s and con’s if you must, take care of yourself and your thoughts. Try and not be influenced by emotional impulse.

Find a safe place; watch a movie mediate on the answers you seek, speak to your heavenly guides weather its your guardian angels, arch angels or the giant doughnut in the sky, who ever you look up to, quieting your mind and ask for some help if you need it. Nourish your body and mind.

As we enter the weekend, well if romance is what you are after the energy is strong, Divine endless love and support, if its falling in love with your life, your partner, yourself or finding a new romantic interest this weekend looks promising. New intimate relationships are highlighted this weekend. Kissing the divine, divine within yourself or someone else. utilise your sensuality and embrace the weekend from a loving place. Empower yourself.

So this week, let your inner beauty shine don’t change who you are, go with change that’s happening in our life. Be present in the moment and weigh up your options before leaping into a life changing adventure.


By Andy Jackman x

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