Tuesday 11/10/16

Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Venus in Scorpio trines retrograde Chiron in Pisces

            Mars in Capricorn sexitles retrograde Neptune in Pisces
Venus in Scorpio quincunxes retrograde Uranus in Aires

Moon is in Aquarius

Mercury aligns with Jupiter

This morning, Mercury aligns with Jupiter creating a harmonious connection. Mercury rules thought and communication so aligning with the planet of luck and good fortune our verbal expressions and interactions flow more easily. It is also a great time to speak up and come to agreements and resolutions, the scene is set for to speak up about whatever it is that’s on your mind..We see the big picture and think about what is really important to us in the long run. The Moon is in Aquarius all day stimulating the desire to cooperate and socialize which strengthens the Mercury/Jupiter energy to connect and heal with others in a harmonious way.

Venus in Scorpio trines retrograde Chiron in Pisces. Opening our hearts today to the possibility of healing, sharing, and learning from one another. Chiron the wounded healer aligning with Venus the planet of love, triggers us to see the beauty in people’s weakness, to heal old wounds regarding past loves and we are less inclined to see the fault in others and our self. Chiron/Venus supports us to look within and go deep to heal emotional wounds, helping us transform our self to move forward and move past old broken hearts. It’s a strong time for building trust in relationships, and for seeing potential in one another.

 Today Venus will trigger semisextile to Uranus and Chiron. This is an yin to yang of energy as Venus makes a harmonious aspect to Chiron and a tense one to Uranus. This is open up a radical awakening for healing it can also bring unexpected energy into the mix. We can experience sudden shifts, changes, awakenings and liberation. We must remember we can not heal what we can not feel. Hiding those deep wounds so deep that we have numbed our self is only going to delay your evolution. We must activate that we want to heal by acknowledging it,  releasing attachments to the past that keep us from moving forward is the key right now.

Venus in Scorpio quincunxes  Uranus in Aires! The Great awakener and rebel aligning with the lover and goddess of beauty stir up the energy today. Creating tension, friction and mixed emotions to the extremes. The key is to having a healthy outlet to our intense emotions. Passion and rage are key feelings that can arise when these two planets combine! So remember to move through them, acknowledge them without giving them to much power, rather than stuffing them away and letting them build up inside until they unleash is the path to mastering them right now.

Mars in Capricorn sexitles Neptune in Pisces this afternoon. Creating an inspiring, driven creative energy. The bridge between worlds is supported as Mars the warrior and drive planet is in earthy, grounded Capricorn linking with Neptune the planet of mysticism and intuition in Pisces, is gently inspiring and allowing us to use our intuition and drive to create the life we are meant to live. It’s also supporting our spiritual ideals in the material world.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx 



Cutting Cords

What is Etheric Cord Cutting?

“Cords” are energy attachments we form that run back and forth between people, places, objects or situations. These cords are energy structures that connect into our energy bodies, OR it’s the extension of another person’s energy, connecting to you. See everything is made up energy, Your physical body and your spiritual body are made of energetic particles and waves. Unlike your physically body in which you can see and feel energy, some parts of you like your emotions, experiences thoughts and feelings have energy. These unseen energy attachments are usually fear based and unhealthy spiritual connections we form that bind us to the person or object from changing or leaving. These fear based cords intensify and grow larger when to connection to the situation has been developing over a longer period of time, so the largest cords that develop are usually related to parents, siblings, friends, co workers and long-term relationships.

These “cords” are also referred to as etheric cords. Etheric refers to the immediate or first layer in the “human energy field” or aura. We all have etheric cords that we create as ways to connect with things that are around us. These cords act as a direct connection to whom or whatever we have formed an attachment with. They provide us with accurate link to tap into that persons/objects energy source. These spiritual leashes have nothing to with love or positive aspects of relationships. They can no longer connect you in a positive way and become counter productive.

Cords can go both ways, either you can form the attachment or vice versa, someone could of formed an attachment to you. This is the essence of an energetic cord.

Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone or something? Perhaps a traumatic or painful event, or an ex best friend or partner who is no longer in your life, but you get them out of your mind, you still get consumed by the thought of them. You may try everything you can to stop thinking of this person but be unable to. If you are becoming distracted, obsessed, anxious, worried, jealous, or influenced by another, this is because there is still a cord between the two of you, and energetically you are still attached.

Cords can be beneficial, too! These cords include the bonding connection you have when you get into a new relationship or friends? Ever felt that need to text your sister or best friend only to pick up the phone to see a message from them, Or a loving, protecting bond between you and your mother, child or a pet? Etheric cords are essential to life, and as you can see, they are all not bad for you. They can be serving you well or serving you poorly. But if you find yourself obsessing and thinking about a situation or person for days, weeks and sometimes months ands years that is draining your vitality, You can look at energetically cutting the non serving etheric cords. Cutting these cords does not mean that you are ending or abandoning a relationship with a particular person or that you will lose contact. it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship. Removing the negative energy between two people actually allows love to form and grow in a healthy way.

So how can we cut…

Identify what needs cutting. Think of a question or situation that you would like help with. Ask your spirit guides and angels (or any divine being that you connect with) to show you any energy cords. Once identified, visualise the cord connection between you and the person/object, feel how it makes you feel, keep your eyes shut here and imagine or sense what it looks like. Does this energy cord feel heavy, draining? Or does it feel light, healthy and loving? If the cord is unhealthy and draining than its time to release the connection.

If you choose to cut the cord, ask for assistance by your or Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael or Spirit Guide and set the intention by saying aloud or, in your mind.

“ I now cut all cords with unconditional love and compassion that are attached from me to any person, place, situation and object that no longer serves my highest good. Archangel Michael please cut all etheric cords attached to my aura that have been blocking and draining me in all directions of time. Please remove all negativity so I may re -align myself with my divine life path and higher self. Thank you “

Imagine white light surrounding you and a large sward cutting through the cords, release the fear, freeing you from the cords that are draining your energy and vitality. Sit quietly while you and Archangel Michael cuts your cords. He’ll send healing energy through the severed cords to both you and the other person.

Do not send your energy to them in the form of love and healing light, let them heal by there own means, as this could encourage cord reattachment!

There you have it! Happy cord cutting

By Andy Jackman xx