Tuesday 28/03/2017.

Tuesday the 28th March, 2017.

The Moon in Aires oppose Jupiter in Libra.

The New Moon is in Aires.

The Sun and the Moon are both in hotheaded Aries today, which make challenging contact with each other over the next 24 hours. The New Moon is in Aires all day.  This New Moon in  Aries means that we are all systems go, we are practical and ready to overcome obstacles. We are very forward-looking, impulsive, and direct. Because the New Moon occurred late on Monday, you will want to do your New Moon ritual today. The bonus here is we are supercharged and ready to go today.

The Moon in Aires opposes the Good luck planet, Jupiter who is sitting in the sign of harmony and relationships Libra. There may be a disconnect and a struggle between “Your needs and Desires” and  how can I include others to help me and provide me with opportunities. Now the rule of thumb today is to allow yourself to focus your energy on what you want ,on your desires and what motivates you, because how can you allow others to help you if you don’t really know what you want! However, be aware that by not knowing which direction to take, can stir restlessness or tension within, and watch yourself for overly aggressive attitudes and behaviors today. Listen for that edge of aggravation and impatience in your voice.

Happy New Moon wishing and have a great day!

Andy J xx

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