09/03/2017 Daily Grind

Thursday March 9th.

The Moon is in  Leo.

Mars moves into  Taurus.

Mars moves into the earth sign of Taurus today and this is very significant because Mars is a major player planet and is responsible for our drive, ambition, our wants and desires and furthermore what you are willing to comprise on.

Mars being in Aires has been a very pushy, its fast, aggressive and strong energy, and seeing as Mars is the ruling planet of Aires, it has been very happy in this placement, but now it enters Taurus it slows and calms down the pace, we get a chance to catch up. This will work  because during this period we have a lot of energy in Pisces. Neptune, Mercury, the Sun and Chiron all in Pisces and all this watery emotionally energy is really going to more grounded with Mars moving into Taurus.

When Mars was in Aires we felt the strong need to move , we were reactionary, aggressive, we rushed and got pushy now it is entering Taurus we are more into thinking about what we want,we are really feeling out . Mars in Taurus we will tend to pursue our goals by plodding along patiently. Taurus energy is about looking for long-term satisfaction,we can be particularly focused on creature comforts.You should ask and explore yourself now, particularity on what you want to do over the coming weeks that will enable you to make a difference to you and those around you.

With this position, However we can be over stubborn and over determined, we can also be full-on when resisting or defending something or someone!

Have a great day.

Andy J x

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