24/02/2017 Daily Grind

Friday February 24th, 2017.

The Moon in Aquarius  Sextiles Venus and Mars in Aires.

The Moon in Aquarius  Sextiles Venus and Mars in Aires. Venus is the ultimate embodied female and Mars is the ultimate worrier and male and when these two come together they can create something new and passionate, and with the Moon in intelligent , airy Aquarius you are very sharp and quick-witted today. The best way to use this energy is to focus on the creativity that is coming to you at this moment, create something in the areas that interest you as the ideas will be free-flowing today.  It a great day for passion, romance, innovation, inventions and creativity!

Be willing to experiment and explore for best results now and do something outside of the box today!

With the Dark New Moon approaching, this is the time to go deep and dark, it is a time to release whatever you need to let go of to make way for what we want to manifest .Work with Aquarius Moon angel Uriel or work with Moon gods and Goddess that you are drawn to, ask for courage and strength to clear out any emotional baggage so you’re free and clear to do your manifesting. Over the next few days make alone time and start dreaming and writing your New Moon wishes!

Happy Friday have a great weekend!

Andy J xx


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