Tuesday 21/02/17

Tuesday February 21st, 2017.

The Moon goes into Capricorn and sextiles the Sun in Pisces.

The Moon goes into Capricorn and sextiles the Sun in Pisces. We are seeing a total change of pace today, we are going from Fire to and Air to Earth and Water. This means, unlike yesterday when we were driven with passion today we will be led by our emotions and feelings. Today will be great for intuitive people, people who guide their life be tapping into their intuition and so should we, BE guided by those gut feelings and how things and situations make you feel. The best way is to meditate and listen to your guidance, especially when it comes to taking actions! Today if you really feel out what feels right you can’t go wrong today.

The Capricorn Moon makes it a powerful time for grounded communication.This earth sign gets down to business, is there something or someone who you need to speak up about?  What do you need to say?  Today you will have not only the inner wisdom but the confidence to say what you feel and mean.

Happy Tuesday!

Andy J xx

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