Thursday 9/2/17

Thursday February 9th,2017.

The Moon goes into playful Leo.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius and trines Venus in Aires.

The Moon goes into playful Leo. Today you will be confident, playful and your energy levels will rise. The Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius and trines Venus in Aires. What an exceptional Thursday. The energy levels couldn’t get more creative, playful and highly intense. The air is lighter and there is more opportunities to have fun.. You will love the spotlight and your confidence will soar today. You will see things from a lighter point of view! Lively and fun is the theme today, plan something fun, meet up with others socialize, flirt, engage in activities that awaken the soul.

The Moon entered Leo this morning and is building towards full. The Full Moon in Leo occurring tomorrow night is actually a Luner Eclipse, but not the only Eclipse we see this month we will get the chance to witness a Solar Eclipse 26/2/17. Astrological speaking Eclipses are a time of significant discoveries, changes and epiphanies.

When the Sun in is Aquarius, astrology speaking it is a great time  for doing things outside of the box, new age and independent thinking, embracing change, taking radical actions and joining forces with other Kindred Spirits or people from your own tribe who have similar causes or ideals they are fighting for!Mercury is also in the sign of Aquarius, and our thinking and communication is radical and revolutionary.However the way we think and feel can sometimes be so Big, that the Bigger Picture is all we focus on and we are not so interested in the details.

Have a great day everyone , Many blessings

Andy J xx

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