Friday 3/2/17

Friday February 3rd, 2017.

The Moon leaves Aires and enters Taurus.

Venus leaves dreamy Pisces and enters Aires.

There will be big changes today as Venus moves out of Pisces and into Aires. The planet of love, beauty  and creativity  goes from feeling and sensitivity of Pisces to the more direct and focused Aires . Venus in Aires energy is a lot tougher , a tad harsher and a lot more focused on getting your own insight. Some may have been picking up this energy over the past few days. The energy is more of ” My needs ” My emotional satisfaction” and more of”lets gets these met before i can focus on you”. Its very forward, intense passionate and at times confronting energy . Venus will be touching on  Aires until June as we have Venus retrograding in March back through the signs. However when Venus is in Aires the energy and intent can also be overly focused on me and what i want and not necessarily on others.Aires is a  sign that likes a lot of freedom and independence we are bold, fresh, and a little impatient when it comes to matters of the heart.

The First Quarter Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus and it forms a square with the Sun in Aquarius. This leaves us wanting and need some predictability especially on an emotional level, in spite of how much progress we are making. Whatever projects we started off at the New Moon should be making progress, and the Quarter Moon phase means that we may be facing our first obstacles and we may feel the need to take action which is very possible as the Moon goes into grounded Taurus.

Have a great day and an amazing weekend.

Andy J xx

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