Wednesday 4/1/17

Wednesday 4th January, 2017.

Mercury Retrograde enters Sagittarius.

The Moon enters Aries.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn makes a backwards turn into Sagittarius today! Mercury continues to retrograde until the 8th and then moves forward in the late degrees of Sagittarius until it enters Capricorn on the 12th When Mercury (The thought process and communication planet) reverses back into Sagittarius, we see a shift from practicality and being grounded to a fun-loving and optimistic energy. When Mercury is in retrograde we are collectively  being asked to dive deep to get to the root and Truth of matters and in particularly in the strengths and weakness the sign the planet is station in. Mercury in Sagittarius we should focus on opening the mind, be aware of where we are over focused in our life. Over the next few days pay attention to things heard, said and read as this is the time they can have bigger implications than what we originally may of thought. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, our thinking is idealistic and optimistic!

The Moon leaves mystical, dreamy  Pisces and enter dynamic Aries today. Water to fire element that moves us to a more direct and straight forward approach. The Aries Moon is assertive and enterprising. On the shadow side of an Aries Moon, our emotions can run high as Aries is ruled by fiery Mars. So if you find your temperature is rising and you’re in the middle of an argument remind yourself that it’s not a good time to lose your cool, take a few breaths and don’t allow the Moon in Aries ruin your harmony.

Have a great Day

Andy J xx

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