Monday 7/11/16

7th November, 2016

The Moon in Aquarius.

Moon Trines Jupiter in Libra .

The Sun in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto.

The first quarter Moon in Aquarius. The Moon trines Jupiter in Libra and squares the Sun in Scorpio.Its a big day for communication,media and ideas. Today is also a day that people will be expressing frustration and concerns so if you end up being in the firing line of someone today just acknowledge how they feel and brush it off, don’t absorb their problem . It’s a social and very public day which great for sharing ideas back and forth.

The last Quarter Moon is in Aquarius loves the unusual and trying something new, it loves social pursuits and group activities. Aquarius Moon leaves us feeling independent, cleaver and very intuitive. Lets talk about Quarter Moons.. This part of the Luna cycle is about action. We will feel compelled to take action but we also are aware of our doubts and fears in regards to what we want to manifest.  Whatever project or initiative you started around the New Moon last month is now off the ground and hopefully gaining momentum. Are you still committed to what you asked for last New Moon? is your heart still in it?  If in doubt just let them go, but don’t let the fear of facing your obstacles get in the way if your dreams.

The Sun in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto early today. This aspect has the wonderful ability to provide us with exceptional resourcefulness in overcoming any challenges or obstacles we may be facing ! The power of  self-importance and self-improvement is strong today and we have the opportunity to rebuild and reform our self and projects we are working on

Happy Monday and have a great day


Andy Jackman xx




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