Tuesday 18/10/16

Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Pluto Venus semi-square Pluto

Venus moves into Sagittarius

The Moon in Gemini

Venus moves out of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius this morning. Venus  will continue to transit in Sagittarius until November 11th. Scorpio was all about romantic energy  and now it moves into the fire sign that is all about fun-loving and to be care free, it goes from intensity to lightness. Venus in Sagittarius loves to be free, to expand, explore and travel..Sagittarius, of course, has a shadow side and has its intense moments, considering it is a fire sign, being non-committal and a need for freedom at the expense of others. Venus in Sagittarius is a universal love for everyone, and less focused on one person, unlike Scorpio which is about focusing on intimacy with on specific relationship. Romantic adventures and doing things outside of your comfort zone will be highlight for the next few weeks, along with a blunt, straightforward approach to love, which can be fine as long as it’s not at the expense of someones else feelings.

Venus forms a semi-square with Pluto today. Feelings of  jealousies and possessiveness can emerge . This influence can bring to the surface tensions in relationships or social interactions that may be underlying.. If feelings of jealousy or suspiciousness run close to the surface today to the point were you can feel the heat rising, just take a step back, breath and know that these are coming from the ego and projecting them self as a fear of loosing someone or something. Sometimes, this transit brings up emotions of unreciprocated , unappreciated feelings in love or past hurts of romantic disappointment. Avoid power plays with friends, lovers and business partners today! Nurturer yourself , love yourself today, retreat and watch a movie alone and try to have some quality ME time. Avoid tempers running high, so think twice before sending that nasty text message or email…

The Moon enters Gemini today. Gemini is all about mental energy and its ruling planet is Mercury so it’s in a communication friendly position, the day has the potential to feel like it is going very quickly.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx





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