Thursday September 29th, 2016

Moon in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

Chiron in Pisces

Today is a really great day in terms of communication. If you have noticed this whole week has not been very dreamy week , there has not been much of a fantasy energy  around .This is because we are all focused on the here and now! Focused on getting things done and doing them rather than just dreaming of them, and how this translates today is how we communicate. Today we will be able to communicate very effectively and there will be a lot of power behind what we are saying and what we are trying to get across.  The Moon is in Virgo and conjuncts Mercury the communication planet in Virgo.The Moon also opposes Chiron in Pisces. So there is not much in the way of dreaming or fantasying about we want to say, nothing about “I am talking because i feel a certain way” it’s about the here and now and communicating the facts! It is also a great day to get people on board with a project or on your team. Today you will present yourself in a very powerful, trustworthy day.

The Virgo Moon is intellectual, analytical and discerning, and as it is heading into Libra tomorrow some of the focus today for some will be on finding balance between emotion and intellect! Thinking and feeling may be on the forefront of people’s mind. If any old wounds or past pains arise due to Chiron being in the mix today just stay present with them and don’t deny them or avoid them the only way forward is to work through them.

Happy Archangel Day

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

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