12/8/16 Daily Grind

Friday August 12th, 2016

The Moon is in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Virgo is in  opposition Chiron.

Pluto the king of the Underworld, of death and rebirth, New beginnings and endings, the wounded healer will be creating an oppositional energy with Jupiter the planet of good fortune, positivity and growth. This can be a time when we find ourselves hungry for understanding and meaning, but because these energies are opposing we may find it difficult to align our personal beliefs systems with philosophical truth that reflects our core self. Something might happen today that challenges our core beliefs, and the universe will make us  aware of it

Chiron opposing Jupiter can be a great time for healing wounds that we may have burred deep down and refused to acknowledge, unearth these past pains is the key , instead of running from it come to terms with the outcome and try living with them in a harmonious way  is the key right now.

Today some of us may  feel alone in our quests,in our personal visions, opinions, or plans for the future, as others may not see eye to eye and may not  seem to understand your vision. But just go with the flow and try and use the Moon in Sagittarius Fun, free, adventourous energy  to see past any  discrepancies.

Today rather than blindly following something that doesn’t truly serve our purpose, it is important for us to look within and come to a greater understanding of what we truly need or believe.

Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus today and tomorrow. This can influence some of us to be uncertain about the desire to be close to someone. We will evaluate the importance of freedom versus closeness.

Have a great Friday and a even better weekend guys.

Andy Jackman xx

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