Happy New Astrological Year 2016

Happy New Moon Day and Happy New Astrological New Year Friends..

New beginnings abound with the Moon and Sun in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac…creating the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year! This month  is birthing a new energy deep within your soul, and for some humanity and the planet! This is a wonderful time to initiate a new project, new ideas, start in a new direction, change something about the way you live. This New Moon send your creative intentions out to the Universe! Have courage, be brave  and take a first step into this new and inspiring energy!

Feel the fire of transformation wash over you as it energizes your inner truth and your positive thoughts and feeling’s and if you’re not feeling as fresh a daisy, here are some ideas for how to embrace the New Moon energy.

  • As it is the new astrological New Year the Numerology Of The Month is  1., so  just make a mental note that this is your number of the month and watch when it comes up.
  • Meditate, download a meditation app, guided or non guided, do one minute and work your way up 20 min, I enjoy mediation before bed as a way to calm my mind, stop overthinking and relax before I sleep. this month meditation Mantra is Ayam .. chant it daily!
  •  Your Guiding Archangel For The Month Is Ariel: Talk to Ariel. she is wonderful at helping you manifest!!
  • The Goddess Guiding You This Month Is Athena
  •  This  Month chakra is  your Sacral Chakra,  Work on it!
  • The Universal Law For To Reflect On this Month: The Law Of Divine Oneness ( Number of the month)  We are all one.
  • Your Ray This Month Is The 1st Ray: Red For the esoterically advanced!

~Todays Angle Oracle card is ~


“A leader best serves by being an example and role model, so live in such a way that others admire your integrity and strength of character.”

You’ve known this for some time. You are in fact, a wonderful leader of thought, spirit, education, expression, whatever it is your heart now lands on when you read this message.

This is a clear nudge from the angels that you are to step up to the plate…time no more to turn your cheek and look for others to be the ones to make the change so needed in the world.

Think of St. Joan of Arc and her bravery and passion for her message…she is the patron saint of those who are persecuted for their spiritual beliefs and for women in the service.

Channel her divine energy, pray for guidance and clarity, and make a difference starting today. This is a new week, after a new moon, and the Universe is calling upon you now.

~Message of St. Joan of Arc card ~

You´re called upon to use your leadership skills to help an important cause. Through prayer, God, Joan of Arc , and other saints and angels will give you clear guidance as to how to be the best leader. Your Divinely guided actions and words will motivate others into positive work. A leader best serves by being a living example and role model, so live in such a way that others admire your integrity. St.Joan of Arc is an inspiration to anyone who feels called to help. At age 15, the french farm girl had a vision in which she saw lights and heard voices (Saints Michael, Catherine and Margaret, among others) telling her to save France from the English invasion. Joan fallowed her Divine guidance, successfully led the French army to victory, and installed Charles VII as king of France.


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