Attention to detail 18/07/18


Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

The Moon is in Virgo before it enters Libra.

 The Cancer Sun sextiles the Virgo Moon.

Today begins with harmonious sextile between the Virgo Moon to the Cancer Sun. This sextile or ‘feel good’ energy is great for those who need to get work done, if you need a    boost or spark of organisation and motivation. Refine your daily or health routine. It’s a day to accomplish goals, be grounded and practical. Today focus your attention on common tasks, don’t try to dive into complex projects! Clean out your desk at work, your inbox, organize the house, or clean out the car you will feel great with the end results.

The Moon, by this afternoon enters harmonious Libra. Offering all of us an evening that is made for love and romance. It’s also a great night to get out and about and socialize with friends. Libra loves being with others, whether its romantic or just friendship and has an appreciation of the finer and more beautiful things in life. Go see a movie or an art show expand your interest this evening you will be pleasantly surprised.


Happy Tuesday!

Andy j xx


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