Monday 6/02/2017


Monday February 6th, 2017.

The Moon is in Gemini

The Moon trines Jupiter in Libra, sextiles Uranus in Aires and quincux  Pluto in Capricorn.

The Moon in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra,sextiles Uranus in Aires and then quincux Pluto in Capricorn.. Today you may get the feeling of difficulty or tension in the sense of the practicalities in your life, such as your job,your body, your metal health or anything that is physical and practical in your life may seem to be somewhat out of proportion and or overly difficult. Today just remember to keep things in perspective,  focus on your relationships with other people and try to be of service is the best way to use this energy today.

Today we see the planet of luck and abundance Jupiter turn retrograde. Jupiter’s yearly retrograde will continue until June 9th. During this cycle, slow down and look at your life closely ,can you recognise areas that have an excessive extravagance or where are you overdoing it and wasting personal energy? Certain endeavors that may seem to be moving too quick may require you to slow down and pay attention to the detail. When lucky Jupiter goes backwards, some of us may think that our abundance and good luck may somehow stop, but if we can see that Jupiter retrograding may be a chance for us to double and enhance our good luck and to see it as a blessing in disguise from the Universe.

The  Moon in Gemini gives us the confidence to reach out, talk with others and exchange ideas and with its  harmonious aspects to Jupiter and Uranus we have added courage to be social.

Happy Monday and have a great day.

Andy J xx

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