Thursday 24/11/16

Thursday 24th November , 2016

Jupiter is in Libra and it squares Pluto in Capricorn

The Moon is in Libra aligns with Jupiter

Moon in Libra

Jupiter is in Libra today and it squares Pluto in Capricorn . There is real potential to over do it today, we can become  over indulgent, over lavish and excessive, and to blow things way out of proportion. When it comes to personalities today, some people may be over bearing, and a little to much, for example they may think they are overly funny, or try to over state a point of view. But just see it as a day where things in all areas will be magnified and blown out of proportion. Today you are going to need to maintain and exercise  your patience a little, take a deep breath because today I can tell you is not going top be a quiet one, especially for you who celebrate Thanks Giving . For the rest of us the same applies, relationships can be large, personalities, ideas, big connections, maybe a major events .. so today just take a moment to yourself, take a big breath and say to yourself it will all blow over especially if you find someone is irritating you.

The lovely Libra Moon will try to maintain a harmonious equilibrium and a steady calm in your life with all these circumstances flying around. Especially with these powerful energic forces working from Jupiter and Pluto. The Moon in Libra aligning with Jupiter will be bringing our emotions into the equation. Feelings are big big big today! Encourgage the happy ones and just let the negitive ones pass by..

Have a great day

Happy Thanks Giving

Andy Jackman xx

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