Monday 21/11/16

Monday 21st November, 2016

The Sun moves into Sagittarius

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo

Today we start the week off with an abundant and grateful attitude. It’s the last third quarter Moon today and its on its way to a New Moon, so things are winding down from the intense Full Moon energy of last week. There is a sense of peace, things are calmer, we can relax more, but at the same time the Moon goes into Virgo today, so there is a sense of practicality and focusing on what is in your life, taking inventory  and looking at what we have, what is working for us, what we are pleased with along with what we are not happy with. The theme today is optimism and realism, we have the ability to really look at all the good things on your life and how abundant you really are .

The Sun goes into Sagittarius later today. The Sun enters Sagittarius today where it will transit until December 21st.When the Sun is in Scorpio as we focused on identifying hidden things, intimate and intense relationships, now as the Sun enters Sagittarius its a completely different vibe. Sagittarius energy is free, fun and adventurous. We shift from water to fire from mysterious to expansion. This will be a month of growing, learning, fun and socializing, but on the dark side it’s also a month of overdoing it! over spending, over eating over doing all the naughty things in life. The aim is to find your balance without sacrificing too much.

On a personal level, when the Sun is in Sagittarius we leave the need of Scorpio’s intimate, close personal relationship and connections to a desire to expand and reach out to the world. We want to connect with others and expand our horizons within ourself and in our relationships.

Happy Monday and have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

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