Monday 17/10/16

Monday 17th October, 2016

The Moon in Taurus

Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune

This week starts off very gentle and with humility, it’s almost like we are dreamers wanting to make things happen for our self. It is important that we manage our expectations, be there for yourself and work through the energy as some may be sensitive and emotional nature your inner self.

The Moon moves into Taurus all day. Taurus is the sign that is all about simple sensual pleasures in life. Today we aware of our need to enjoy eating, basking, relaxation, drinking and canoodling. The Moon rules food and well Taurus loves food so they go well together just watch out for falling into old habits and overindulge and over eat! Today some may resist change and fall back into old patterns under this influence. With this no rush and relaxed energy about today it does not stop you in achieving a lot today. Taurus is also about cash flow and abundance so if you steady yourself and plot along working on increasing your money and abundance with visualizations and action plans the Tarsus Moon will help you in your quest.

The Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune. This has a blinding effect and we can temporarily lose focus, our will power can be low and we can temporarily stray away from our goals. Artistic and spiritual pursuits will be easier to tackle than straightforward factual goals today and tomorrow. This aspect makes it difficult for some to stick to or formulate clear, reasonable goals, so if you are beating yourself up mentally because you seem to be foggy, just put those plans on the back burner until midweek.It’s also a challenge knowing where we stand with others. Don’t take things to heart today!

Venus  forms a semi-square with Pluto today and tomorrow.This has the tendency  to make some search  for something wrong in a relationship, business or personal . This aspect has a way to make darker emotions arise so try to not act upon them, as nobody likes it when  jealousy raises its ugly head.

The light of the Full Moon is still illuminating our skies. This can illuminate and shine light on areas of our life that may need changing. At this time we disperse our knowledge and dig deep, working out what works for us and what needs changing in preparation for next week’s New Moon. We must make room for what we want to manifest in our lives!It’s also a time to begin finishing up the details of that which we formulated and created  at the last New Moon.Remember Full Moons are generally not a good time to start a new major project.

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx

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