Monday 10/10/16

Monday 10th October , 2016

The Moon enters Aquarius

Venus semi-square Mercury and Jupiter

This week is a week of two halves Monday through to Thursday is influenced by Neptune  the planet of dreams, intuition and feelings, and then from Friday onward it is very much about Aries and Uranus, fire energy chaos and drive. The Moon in Aquarius trines Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. This is a fabulous light and breezy start of the week , appointments and conversations all go well Today is full of fun and laughs the energy is light,everything is in balance ,social, fun-loving and easy-going day. Plan things with others today, catch up with friends, make a romantic dinner for someone special or go out and enjoy others company today.

The Moon enters Aquarius early day. The Aquarius Moon energy is observant, independent, friendly and principled.As the Moon moves into Aquarius, we become hypersensitive and some may lack mental discipline, we also can detach moreeasily  from reality.  We can find if we detach from the world now, it gives us room to figure out what we want and how to make our dreams come true. Give the Universe some room to step in and help!

Venus semi-square Mercury today ,which has the potential to make communications between lovers a little airy fairy, awkward or may feel superficial, with that in mind try to laugh off any awkwardness and try to not be so sensitive with romantic communications toady.


A heads up for tomorrow guys, we will see harmonious peak as Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Mars and Venus form links! This has the feeling of positive developments, bringing a much-needed wake up and shake up energy to relationships and commitments in our lives, it is also great for forgiveness, healing and happiness!

Have a great day

Andy Jackman xx


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