Mindfulness Monday…

The Happiness Project…..

Day 1.

Today is the first day of my mini happiness adventure, and an optimistic attitude is the first tool you need to tackle change. So today let me introduce you to Mindfulness, the ancient practice of focusing a non judgmental awareness on the present moment is a great place to start.

Mindfulness is a great mind exercises that allow you to be able to identify, permit and reduce any painful, fearful and difficult thoughts, sensations  and feelings. Trying to shift these personal experiences, feelings and thoughts to that of a positive mind-set, try asking yourself what-if questions, such as,

“What if life is working on my behalf?”

“What if this is a blessing in disguise?”.

“What if I believe things are going to get better?”

“What if this crisis is the best wake-up call I ever got?”Looking at change this way will make it seem less scary because you’re focusing your mind on positive outcome. Mindfulness gives you back some sense of mastery over your thoughts and feelings. Rather than having the sense that you are being pushed around by the universe or your feelings and thoughts you can learn to be able to have some control over them. So seeing the positive in what seems like a negative will you can actually rewire your mind to think more optimistically.

Mindfulness can…

Increases Positive Emotions .

Decreases Depression.

Decreases Anxiety .

Decreases Stress.

Today, go to a cafe, sit at the beach or go somewhere you love and feel good to be at, and write down things that have upset you, hurt you, any difficult situations or people and really reflect, look at things from an outside point of view, non emotional and non bias view and write ONE or more positive “What If’s”.

So for me, last year i seemed to meet really great guys, but it never worked out, i thought i was not good enough or why can’t i every find love and be happy?”

” What if he wasn’t the man for me, and the universe was making me, emotionally free and single, so that the right man to come into my life, and i will be drama and stress-free and happy” .

So today i really looked back on the relationships… And as much as i hated to admit it, as much as they where great guys… they were not the great guy for me..

Today i will also use mindfulness in little bumps in my day ( hopefully I don’t ) but  instead of getting mad, or upset i will stop myself, take 3 deep breaths , affirm to myself ” its going to be ok, you have survived a lot worse, smile this will all pass quickly”

Good luck today,

By Andy Jackman xx

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